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Intel technology open day 2019: stronger core, faster Wi Fi 6

Performance acceleration and AI rise

According to Intel, the reason why consumers choose notebook computers lies in the things they care about most and want to pay attention to most. 66% of consumers buy notebook computers mainly as learning and working tools, while 39% of consumers tend to play games on notebook computers. No matter for what purpose, the performance of notebook will directly determine the experience of consumers in notebook. The new ten generation core comet lake and ice lake products have raised the operating efficiency of the notebook to another level. Comet lake is built by 14nm technology, but the number of cores is up to 6 cores and 12 threads, and the highest Rui frequency is 4.9ghz.

More importantly, the mature comet lake has good compatibility with the existing notebook mold. At the same time, more than 90 models have been launched, indicating that they will join the comet Lake Camp. During the double 11 promotion period, several notebooks with outstanding performance were quietly launched. For example, Lenovo Xiaoxin Pro provided 6-core 12 thread core i7-10710u, 16GB, 512gb configuration, and the price was quite attractive. Ice lake is based on the Intel sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture and adopts the highly anticipated 10nm process technology. Intel has inserted a new 11th generation core display architecture in a more advanced process, which supports dx12's VRS. By compressing unnecessary details and image resources in the same picture, Intel can save operation and speed up rendering. Similarly, this new function can only be realized after the support of the hardware bottom layer. In addition, Intel also introduced large-scale AI technology to PC through deep learning boost for the first time. This allows laptops to achieve 2.5 times the performance of artificial intelligence, specifically for low latency workloads. Among them, the 11th generation kernel display plays a very important role. It can provide vector computing with up to 1 trillion floating-point operations for heavy reasoning workload. Deep learning boost is also used in cascade Lake Core X and Xeon w2200 series, which makes the image processing performance of Xeon w2200 series 2.2 times higher than that of the previous generation processor, 16.1 times higher than that of three years ago. Core x is also 2 times higher than the previous generation and 7.9 times higher than the same positioning processor three years ago. In the live demonstration, whether it's the game experience of core display performance, or AI's acceleration of image HD and focus reconstruction, ice lake's 11th generation of core display shows a faster speed than its friends. Faster Wi Fi 6

While Wi Fi 6 is being widely promoted, Intel has also launched a complete set of end-to-end Wi Fi 6 solutions. Specifically, Intel Wi Fi 6 is faster than normal Wi Fi 6. It takes up more than 80MHz channel bandwidth, making Intel Wi Fi 6 (gig +) have 160MHz channel bandwidth, twice faster than the mainstream Wi Fi 6 solution. This is a set of technology that requires both routers and mobile devices to be equipped with Wi Fi 6 (gig +) solution at the same time. At present, there are routers including tp link archer ax50 and Nighthawk ax4 using Intel Wi Fi 6 (gig +) solution.

In this year, more than 100 pcs are expected to use the Intel Wi Fi 6 (gig +) solution as configuration options, including the eighth generation of core Bray, the ninth generation of core with Wi Fi 6 ax200 (gig +) and the tenth generation of core ice lake that has been integrated.

In addition to faster connection speed, Wi Fi 6 (gig +) solution can better solve the problem of network congestion and signal, especially in the complex and chaotic environment of signal, Wi Fi 6 (gig +) can provide better network transmission effect, which is incomparable with the standards before Wi Fi 5. PC evolution

In fact, Intel defines the 10th generation core ice lake processor as a highly integrated mobile PC platform, with a new CPU core architecture, a new 11th generation core display, a high-performance AI PC, and integration of Wi Fi 6 (gig +) and lightning 3 standards. Ice lake is making some PCs more intelligent, and then the Athena plan, according to the key experience indicators set by Intel, pushes more notebooks to be in line with the ease of use of smart phones, including instant wake-up, anytime, anywhere response, long-term battery life. As no one has mentioned the concept of ultrabook now, Intel's purpose is to make Athena plan eventually popularize to every notebook, so that every notebook can have better performance and control experience, and let the PC once again advance to a higher level. At present, Intel's top priority is to let the 10th generation of core benefit more people. Next, they will work with three e-commerce platforms and six industry partners to create e-commerce promotion activities spanning three months, including double 11, double 12 and the next holiday promotion season. Yes, no matter how smart your mobile phone is, you need to code, repair pictures in batches, and organize videos. At present, there is no substitute for a notebook.