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Didi adjusts the rules for trial operation of downwind vehicles, and men and women enjoy the same se

Original title: didi adjusts the trial operation rules of downwind vehicles, and male users also end at 20:00 in advance

In the evening of November 7, Didi adjusted the service time of the users of the windmill to 5:00-20:00 for all the users of the windmill, which advanced the service time of the male users. The downwind trial operation plan announced by didi on June 6, which was 5-20 points for female users and 5-23 points for male users, triggered discussion and criticism.

Didi said that before the announcement of the plan, we did not discuss the rule to the public and did not fully listen to the opinions of all parties. At the same time, we apologize for the trouble caused by poor consideration and improper communication.

After listening to the opinions and suggestions of all parties, we decided to adjust this rule. During the small-scale trial operation of tailwind, in order to ensure the safety of trial products and services to the greatest extent, the time for all tailwind users to provide services was adjusted to 5:00-20:00. During the trial operation (without information service fee), the product service rules may continue to be optimized iteratively, and there will be various inconveniences in use. Please understand and give us suggestions.

Didi said that in terms of security, in this trial operation plan, Shunfeng car permanently offline all sensitive information related to user privacy, such as personalized avatar, gender, long text evaluation, etc.; before the ride in, the owner needs to go through face recognition, and both the driver and the passenger need to carry out information verification before boarding. In the long-distance travel scenario, it will increase the number of face recognition of car owners, remind users to set emergency contacts, and automatically record the journey. At present, the full real name has been realized in the user access link of the downwind vehicle. The owner of the downwind vehicle, like the driver of the express special vehicle, needs to carry out three certificate verification, background screening and face recognition, while the dishonest executor will not be able to register as the owner of the downwind vehicle.

Why is the trial operation time set from 5:00 to 20:00? According to the statistics of past safety complaints of Shunfan, Didi said, we found that the number of sexual complaints in 20:00-23:00 and 23:00-5:00 was 45% and 465% higher than that in 5:00-20:00 respectively.

According to the data released by China judicial big data research institute in 2018, in the taxi and online car Hailing industry, the night is also the peak time of criminal cases. In 2017, there were 52 crimes committed by taxi drivers at night, accounting for 30% of the total crimes committed by taxi drivers, and 9 crimes committed by online car Hailing drivers at night, accounting for 50% of the total crimes committed by online car Hailing drivers.

Didi said that we know that too many rules will hurt the ride experience of car owners and passengers, but the platform still needs to do its best to guard against the uncertainty of human nature and keep the safety risks out as much as possible. As the downwind car is a private car ride, the owner and the passenger are in a cooperative ride relationship, the car belongs to the owner's private space, so it is impossible to force the installation of camera equipment and regular offline safety training for the owner like the express car, and the feasible measures to improve the night safety are limited.

'the trial operation time is adjusted to 5:00-20:00, which is certainly not the most perfect scheme, but it is the choice we made under various conditions. We have also considered the unified adjustment to 23:00, but based on the safety data mentioned above, we still decided to choose a relatively conservative scheme. Please understand. '