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AMD's third generation thread Ripper officially released: 24 cores start to break 10000 yuan

If the 16 core 32 thread sharp dragon 9 3950x can't meet your fever, the third generation of thread Ripper finally comes, directly starting with 24 core 48 thread, and the starting price has also exceeded 10000 yuan.

The third generation ripper is essentially from the second generation of Xiaolong on the server. Of course, it is a 7Nm process and Zen 2 architecture. The first two models:

Threadripper 3960x: 24 core 48 threads, benchmark frequency 3.8ghz, acceleration frequency up to 4.5ghz, L2 cache 12MB, L3 cache 128MB, thermal design power consumption 280W.

Threadripper 3970x: 32 core 64 thread, benchmark frequency 3.7GHz, acceleration frequency up to 4.5ghz, secondary cache 16MB, tertiary cache 128MB, thermal design power consumption 280W.

Compared with 2970wx and 2990wx with the same number of core threads in the second generation, the reference frequency has been increased by 800MHz and 700MHz respectively, and the acceleration frequency has been increased by 300MHz. The capacity of the second level cache remains unchanged, the third level cache has doubled, and the thermal design power consumption has only increased by 30W.

In terms of performance, amd claims that the multithreading performance of 3960x and 3970x cinebench R20 is improved by 30% and 61% respectively compared with 2990wx of the second generation flagship 32 core 64 thread, and the productivity creation performance can be improved by 30-32% and 44-61% in different projects.

The third generation Ripper uses the new strx4 interface. Compared with the current TR4, the number and layout of pins remain the same, or 4096. However, the voltage and data definitions have changed, so it is no longer downward compatible. It needs to be matched with the new trx40 chipset (essentially x570): the third generation Ripper cannot be used for the x399 motherboard, and the trx40 motherboard cannot be matched with the first and second generation Ripper, but the radiator is installed The hole position is still compatible, including air cooling and water cooling.

The third generation Ripper platform supports up to 88 PCIe 4.0 (the second generation is 64 PCIe 3.0), including 64 processors, 24 chipsets, and 72 actually available (configurable connection of nvme and SATA hard disks), while the channel between the processor and chipset is PCIe 4.0x8, with a bandwidth four times that of the previous generation of PCIe 3.0x4.

The processor also supports four ddr4-3200 memory channels, four USB 3.1, and the chipset also supports eight USB 3.1, four USB 2.0, four SATA 6gbps, and nvme raid.

The third generation thread Ripper will be officially listed on November 25, with prices of 3960x 10699 yuan and 3970x 15299 yuan.

No 48 core, no 64 core? Well, there's a big way to hold back & hellip; & hellip;

By the way, entry-level users can see the new Velociraptor 3000g. Although it is a 14nm Zen architecture, it is the first super frequency Zen Velociraptor.