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Lose coal and fall into 1200 ℃ furnace by mistake, instantly burn to bone by high temperature

Original title: man loses coal and falls into 1200 ℃ furnace in seconds, becoming white bone and black smoke

Recently, a 54 year old man dropped coal from the top of a coal stove into the stove when it collapsed. The man fell into a 1200 degree stove and was instantly burned to bone.

Comprehensive foreign media reported that the incident happened at a construction site in San Francisco. From the surveillance video, it can be seen that the 54 year old kadenas was throwing coal from the top of the coal stove into the furnace when the incident happened. Unexpectedly, the top of the coal stove suddenly collapsed. The man fell into the 1200 ℃ high temperature furnace in an instant, and then there was thick black smoke at the furnace mouth.

According to reports, the site's administrator was the first person to find the accident, and then immediately protected the police, but unfortunately, because it was two hours from the incident, the man was dug up and had been burned into a pile of bones.

As early as 2017, there was a safety accident in Russia that accidentally dropped a high-temperature boiler to death. At that time, a female employee went to the workshop to clean the large boiler, but she didn't come back after a long time. Later, when her colleagues entered the workshop, they saw that her legs were inserted in a pot of boiling milk syrup, and then they found that the female employee was in the boiler and had been burned alive.