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Tutoring my son almost died, explaining again and again, but still unable to understand the heart at

Original title: teach all don't understand! 36 year old mother instructs son to do homework angry heart attack nearly die

On November 1, in Xiangyang, Hubei Province, Ms. Wang, 36, nearly died because she was so angry to accompany her children in their homework.

That night, Ms. Wang told her third grade son math questions, and suddenly felt sick in her heart during the repeated explanation. Ms. Wang said that in the past year, she has been angry with her children's learning.

Ms. Wang said that he had told the child many times, but he still couldn't. when he was about to explode with anger, he felt flustered and couldn't get out of his anger. He quickly asked her husband to drive to the hospital.

Yang Primary School, a medical student in the hospital, said that the disease (myocardial infarction) tends to be younger. The first one is related to diet and the second one is related to mood, especially young mothers.

Liang Yuqiong, a psychological consultant, suggested that we should control our mentality, adjust our emotions, let our children be independent and not make too many arrangements.