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McDonald's hamburger 10 years is not rotten and the shelf life is extremely long

Original title: McDonald's Burger fries are not rotten for 10 years. Men send them to the Museum

According to the mirror on November 2, 2019, McDonald's closed three restaurants in Iceland in 2009. A man named simathon was deeply hit because he loved fast food. So before McDonald's closed, he bought a set meal of hamburgers and chips and kept it in a glass cabinet, in order to keep the eternal delicious taste of McDonald's.

Ten years on, the meal still looks as delicious as it was when it was first made, and photos and videos show no signs of mildew or decay on the food.

"I heard McDonald's never rots, so I want to see if it's true," he said. '

Now, the package is still in the glass cabinet of snotra house, a hotel in southern Iceland.

Before that, Mr. smathon put the fast food in a plastic bag in the garage. Three years later, he donated the fast food to the Icelandic National Museum. During this time, he noticed that there was no change in the food.

But the museum thought they didn't have the conditions to keep the food, so they gave it back to marathon. The package was kept in a hotel in Reykjavik, Iceland, until marathon moved to his current home.

People from all over the world come here to see burgers and chips that will never rot, says hotel owner Siggie middot sigdur.

"Of course, it's an interesting thing, but it allows you to reflect on what you eat every day," said Gigi middot sigdur. '

The 10-year-old McDonald's meal has aroused heated discussion among netizens.

'I think every time I order a big Mac, it's probably from Iceland. It does look like that, and it's always cold. '

McDonald's is the worst fast food restaurant in America. Wendy & rsquo; s and chick filet are much better, but I haven't eaten them for many years. '

'that means it's not made of a lot of food! The main ingredient is preservatives.... where are people still eating?'