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Why drink water after eating dietary fiber

Dietary fiber has strong water absorption

1. For example, dietary fiber gets into the gut like a bloated grass ball if there is not enough water to push it. It certainly can't walk, and dietary fiber itself can absorb water to make the feces in the intestine bigger.

2. Eating dietary fiber with a large amount of water can also speed up the operation of dietary fiber, push intestinal contents and accelerate metabolism. If you don't drink enough water while eating dietary fiber, it may also lead to constipation or abdominal distension, increase gas production and other discomfort. Because dietary fiber itself will not be absorbed and utilized in the intestine, the passers-by in the intestine is also the cleaning guard in the intestine.

If you want to balance the intestinal flora and eat more meat, you need to appropriately increase dietary fiber. Dietary fiber also has the advantage of helping the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Don't forget, you can also directly take stachyose to provide nutrition for probiotics in the intestine and promote their growth and reproduction, so as to increase the humidity and water retention of stool, and also increase the intestinal pushing ability. Another excellent example is stachyose, a water-soluble dietary fiber. I often see the stachyose recommended by my friends on the Internet. You can drink it everyday. Maintaining a good flora environment makes it easier for us to digest and defecate well.