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Broken 3 free gift of conscience skin large plate of high beauty and cost-effective clothing

Because the modeling art of crash 3 is really the industry leader. And planning has always been trampled on, because planning is relying on the skin, equipment model and even the holy mark illustration (error) made by the artists to cheat krypton. Although there are many free conscience skin, but the overall skin quality effect is basically proportional to the price, but today we do not talk about conscience free skin, let's take a look at the clothes with high appearance and high cost performance.

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No1, Princess of winter

The top up leather of the first year of collapse will be sent when it reaches 1888. The real sense of out of print, the symbol of old players. Only two opportunities, both full of 1888. In fact, many old players have already listed the second event: what about the agreed out of print? Then the official immediately announced that it would not reprint. It can be said that there is no shop after this village

There is no need to say anything about modeling design, but I think the soul is the ice princess crown and the cross on the braid. It is crystal clear, showing the powerful light and shadow effect of the collapse of 3unity engine and OpenGL. The only drawback is that the braid is solid and has no air effect. In short, is the most valuable skin, for krypton three or four single students equal to free!

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NO2, beautiful spring glow -- true red skin

The skin that accompanies Zhenxiang Knight when he comes out, but there is no skin in the initial s of awakening such as moon wheel ice card. During the spring festival activities, if you use 3W crystal, you can send it. If you have a monthly card party and you have saved 1W water before, you can easily get it.

The most valuable skin of Jizi is cheongsam and shawl, which looks like a lady of the Republic of China. Along with the plot of Jizi sister's lunch box (suspected, not excluding the possibility of resurrection), I believe many players will be filled with tears after watching the last lesson, which makes players feel that they should give aunt Jizi a dress to be worthy of her. Although the skills and special effects are average, the significance and design of commemoration are enough to make it rank second.

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No3: Ranger skin

The annual top up skin of the second year of "Collapse 3" will be sent when krypton gold reaches 1888 a year. Originally thought it was out of print, but one day it was open for sale and has not been put on the shelves. Modeling refers to the costumes (500W playback) in the video of Qiana dancing "pure land of bliss" designed by the players at that time.

The dress design is first-class. The wave pattern on the skirt is constantly changing with the music. There are also high-quality hollow ironed double braids, the cape with piano key elements, and the size. Big move and dodge black hole special effect are very conscience, if can reprint, natural is to krypton explosion.