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When will the S15 season start? Will the new hero shake present?

Are you looking forward to it? So what I'm going to share with you is the content that Yao, the new hero of King's glory, is about to go online. If you want to know, come and have a look!

Mountain Ghost

Yao is guarded by deer spirit. When hit by such hard control skills as dizziness, repulsion and strike and fly, Yao will immediately release control and become a deer spirit for 6 seconds. The deer spirit state will gain the ability to attack others but can't be attacked. The deer spirit can slow down the enemies nearby. (Luling changes back to human form and refreshes all CDs)

If someone comes to track, hit the vertigo dominant

Lift the staff to draw the soul to repel the enemies nearby. The energy wave flies forward to cause spell damage. Before flying to the terminal point, heroes within the range will be detected and turned into the second segment of energy ball to track and strike, causing spell damage, dizziness effect and appearance effect.

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Attachment status: increases detection range by 20%

Deer spirit state: end the deer spirit state in advance and enter the battle

Wind Sa mu Xiao multi point attack magic attack

Yao automatically attacks random enemies around him for 5 seconds, with a maximum of 3 targets. Each attack causes spell damage, and can't attack during the skill opening period.

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Attached state: increases hit distance by 20%

Deer spirit state: Deer spirit will jump for a distance

Shield attached to the mountain

Yao is attached to other heroes and gives the enchanted target real shield (to resist real damage). The enchantment state skill is enhanced and all skill cooldowns are refreshed.

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Enchantment status: takes the initiative to break away from the enchanted target and returns part of the cooldown

Deer spirit state: decelerate the enemy's movement speed within the range

Because Yao grew up in the forest, raised by the deer, dressed in very simple, simple. So the design is greatly used in Yao's clothing, using some natural objects as decoration, stone feathers, etc., which is very simple and lovely.

In the color of choice is very pure light pink as the main color, mainly highlights the lovely deer girl. With some of the feather decoration that can be seen in the mountains, it is very primitive and can also show his simplicity. There are two forms of Yao: deer and half man and half deer.

In the deer spirit state, will escape very quickly, looks very nimble. In the form of half man and half deer, it is very smart and brave. In addition, the designer also set a mystery of Yao's life experience, which will be her special existence in the king's world.