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Naruto mobile game meerkat free return? Out of print Ninja not out of print

As long as you stay active during the national day, it's almost no difficulty to recruit this ninja. It can be said that it's a job for each person, but what to do if you miss it? This is a question. We can refer to the original teacher's day exclusive ninja, Hui Bishou, who was later promoted through the recruitment of b-bear. I have already done so Draw four stars, but now has been removed from the shelves, temporarily became 'out of print ninja'.

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However, since the Ninja has been on the shelves, it will definitely return to the market in the future, and it will not be in the form of fees. After all, it is free, and the charges behind are not very realistic. Once I thought that TOS's strong sign in Ninja magic cube would be delayed all the time, and finally it was sent out in the school season a few days ago. So this kind of once free ninja, though not There is a fixed return period, but at least it can be confirmed that he will return to the game free of charge. This can refer to the above Hubi Shou and the subsequent return ninja, etc., but this time point is completely elusive.

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And this kind of c-tolerance, though of good strength, is ultimately a ninja with feelings in the warehouse. Don't worry too much. He won't affect your Duan race, because you won't use him to play Duan, otherwise you will be hanged by the four heavenly kings. At the beginning, the magic cube was put on the shelves to make up for the situation that the Ninja didn't sign in for two consecutive months. You don't need to pay attention to the check-in ninja. Anyway, the Ninja might have planned to send it as a check-in Ninja at the beginning, but he wanted to play a stunt on national day, so he joined such an activity, and the weasel God was very popular and could be in China During the celebration period, it attracts a wave of popularity. If you make it a ninja, it will be a bit out of concentration.