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The glory of the king does not depend on the rank, but on the strength to distinguish whether it is

How to analyze whether a person's strength is strong from the war record, instead of just judging from the rank, is a kind of ability. Do you only look at the rank?

Don't look at this person, the king, the glory of the king is very powerful. Tianmei has set a winning rate of almost 55. As long as you play enough times, you may be able to lay down 1000 rookies to the king or even honor the king. It's nothing to do. So don't be fooled by the rank, even if the king, the glory of the king, the dish ratio is still a pile.

We all know who can't play the downwind. Is the downwind strong? This kind of talent is the real God, and the talent is the thigh to hold. Especially Da Ye, the pentagonal picture is beautiful, so quickly embrace and add friends, why not lie down when you can lie down.

What's a pentagram? Here's a picture to show you how to look at a professional position?

The survival of the Middle Road, regiment war, kDa requirements are high.

The survival and regiment warfare of soldiers should be highly developed.

Assisted survival, regiment warfare, high kDa requirements.

Shooter survival, output requirements are high.

Playing field is the most special. He demands high five points.

The five points of playing field require high requirements. If the development point is low, it is a waste of resources in the wild area. They like to squat and catch people. There is no rhythm at all. This kind of situation exists in most ordinary players below Xingyao. It means that you can't play without catching people and invading for years. Even if you are a Buddhist, you can't play. I don't need to emphasize this point. I don't need to emphasize it. I don't need to see your record. I know it's a basic consciousness without pit.

If you don't know how to play wild, kDa will not be high. So if you look at the pentagons, you will know where you have problems. If you want to see whether a person is fierce or not, it is useless to hide your achievements. If you look at the pentagons, you will know where you will be and whether you will play.

The powerful God basically requires you to go to the third side, and you have to combine the performances. Hundreds of more than a hundred field, pentagonal full, ah, Leng why, do not add friends.