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Legend of furnace stone: the indispensable king of white card with high cost performance

The new version of shadow has come online, and many small partners have begun to try some new cards and new routines. After this update, which white cards can you not miss? Come and have a look.

First, the neutral white card follows the Japanese Raider spy. Will the new version of mystery ride be a joke? No, I don't think so! The reason is that there are two divine cards, one is the mysterious blade of the small axe known as Knight's version, and the other is the spy who seizes the sun. How strong is the sun snatcher? It's almost no difficulty for one fee's knight to be a mystery. Two fee three fee may shoot two 3-4 Japanese Raider spies in succession! The pressure can be compared with the totem image of the original face fighting SA. Of course, the Japanese Raider spy is only limited to Knights, hunters and mages, not to mention thieves.

Second, neutral white card follows the poisonous fin fish man. What's the scariest thing about the mermaid deck? Naturally, it is a terrible and troublesome paving ability. And the appearance of the poisonous fin fish man will make all the cards who are trying to resist the fish man by ridiculing the huge wall fall into a complete Madness: what? Fish people are also highly poisonous? And it can be poisoned at a cost? WTF? It can be said that in the new version, if you want to play the Merman deck, there are two cards that must be combined, one is orange caskakuil and the other is poisonous finned Merman!

Third, the rogue white card spell strategy shift. Weak version disappeared? Maybe it is. If I expect it to be good, the strategic shift may be relatively flat in the standard environment, but it will be brilliant in the wild! The reason is that the big brother Association and strategic transfer of the exploding thieves form a very horrible combo! It can be said that with the new spell of strategic transfer, the disgust level of the card breaker will soar at least 20%!

Fourth, Hunter white card spell mark shooting. What is the strongest follower of a hunter? I'll vote for the long maned prairie lion; so, what's the most powerful spell of the hunter? I can say for sure that marksmanship can definitely occupy a place! It's a pity that the arrival of the new version may open the door for the hunters to fall. But it doesn't prevent the mark from shooting the nearly full score card. Who doesn't want a spell that can solve the field and mend the card?

Fifth, the mage white card follows the Raven messenger. As the follower of the mage, the poor figure is a predictable thing, and this Raven Messenger, whether it's the figure or the cost, is above the pass line! What's more, there is no follower with discovery mechanism who has never entered the construction!

Sixth, Saman white card activity fountain. Strong, invincible! This white card of Shaman, I was very optimistic about it when it was released, even now. If the Shaman's activity fountain hasn't been built in the new version, I will rip off all Shaman's orange cards, purple cards, blue cards and white cards live! If I put it here, the activity fountain is definitely the king of white cards in the new version of shadow.