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Yin and Yang master can control the four kinds of gods easily

Among the Yin and Yang masters, the arena is the favorite design of many players. They often encounter a fast flow, and they will be at a loss when facing a new one. But a fast flow is not impossible to break. Here are a few Shishen's ideas.

First: one eyed monk

Although the Shishen is only an r-level Shishen, it is very terrible. The main reason is that the Shishen's skill rebounds with certain damage, and can actively touch porcelain with the help of the plot. Now most of the one eyed monks will take the mirror with them. This soul controlling monk cooperates with the one eyed monk to make him look like a hedgehog. Those high explosive Shishen don't know where to start, so it's not easy to fight.

Second: the other shore flower

At the beginning, there was a time when the old players retired from the game. The main reason was the decline. Because the flower on the other side is too fast. Her flower sea has the absolute right to sell. As long as she moves on the opposite side, she will get hurt. And the faster you die, the faster you die, so when you don't know what to do, play the other side flower to restrain this line-up.

Third: Prajna

This Shishen has always been repudiated by everyone, but being cold doesn't mean it's not strong. Although Prajna is full of instability, it is the most powerful one for lucky people. Because Prajna can seal the passivity of the God, like the current version of the popular God ghost cut, if there is no passivity, what is it?

Fourth: Imperial cuisine

At present, Shishen is the most powerful Shishen in the arena. Although it is very unstable, it is a very strong Shishen. The main reason is that as soon as you take action, yudaijin will have a certain chance to seal you. So this type of God is very suitable for backhand. It can control the speed of flow.