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The king honors the most popular lines whose lines do you like best

It has been more than three years since the glory of the king, and there are many heroes. The lines and dubbing of each hero are different. Which hero do you like best? What's his line?

1. Yang Yuhuan: clouds want clothes, flowers want looks, and the spring breeze blows the threshold of Revlon. This sentence was written by Li Bai for Yang Guifei. The lines are very beautiful. The elves saw it for the first time in the story of the elves, and then reviewed it again in the voice of the king. This sentence just reflects the beauty of Yang Yuhuan!

2. Shangguan Wan'er: as a woman, the happiest thing is to hold the pen and measure the world's affairs. In ancient times, the preference of men over women was universal. At that time, women were even rarer as officials, while Shangguan Wan'er was in a dynasty where Wu Zetian was the emperor. Shangguan Wan'er also said what she thought and expected at that time.

3. Xiang Yu: heaven does not allow me, I will go against the sky! Xiang Yu's words are very domineering, with a sense of emperor's domineering.

4. Big Joe: watch the sky, the sea, and your memories.

5. Luban 7: come on! Come and hit me! You can't get me! It's hard to beat Luban's words. It's no wonder that little Luban will become the primary target of heroes in the valley.

6. Li Bai, the fox of the millennium: if you die once, there will be no extra life to waste. This sentence has a feeling of rebirth.

7. King Lanling: the land marked by the blade is the territory! This sentence also reflects the ambition of a king.

8. Zhuge Liang: the world is like chess, three calculations in one step! In a strategist's strategy, a decisive victory is far away! This sentence also reflects Zhuge Liang's resourcefulness.

9. Daji: please tell Daji, master. How many people want a servant like Daji?