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Legend of hearthstone new card announces that the mermaid may return

The legend of hearthstone has recently renewed a wave of new cards. Shaman priest's new orange card is Merman, which also indicates that the designer wants to go Merman. Let's take a look at these new cards.

Arther Scargill

Shaman new orange card, 4 cost 4 / 4 of the figure, effect: your Mermaid mana cost (1) points. After just sending off the task, we launched Fishman again. At first, it's a little wordless, but it's not surprising that the designer. If shaman still has a task to add this new card, it's really too strong. But I personally think Fishman's Sasha will be stronger in wild mode. After all, the old blind has been in wild. If you want to play OTK, you can try wild mode once. In the standard mode, we still need to rely on the shop floor to win, and there are still some people playing with buff.

The soul of a fish man

Shaman's new normal spell deck, effect: all your followers gain 'dead language: Summons a 1 / 1 Mermaid. 'needless to say, you also know that this is a mage card specially prepared for Mermaid flow. It can be imagined that when you play Mermaid SA and finish the first round of paving with skakil, you can use the soul of Mermaid and the AOE in the opposite side to invite the whole court, and then lead the Mermaid in your next round, you can finish the killing, but it's only the most ideal state, and you need to see the actual combat effect.

Sewer fisherman

Shaman's rare follower card, 2-2 / 3 body, effect: after you use a mermaid card, randomly put a mermaid card into your hand. If you cooperate with skakir, you can play infinite swipe Merman card. This new card is normal even if it is epic level. There will be no card for the former Fishman pizza. With the sewer fisherman, you don't need to worry about it any more. In the process of swipe Merman, you will have a chance to get skakir. The swipe Merman will be happy for a while and always!


Shaman's normal 0-cost spell, effect: randomly transforms a friendly follower into a follower whose mana cost increases by (1). Although this card looks like a mermaid, it's not. With the spirit of frog, you can draw cards. It has the same thing with the unstable mutation, that is, it can't be reused. The fishman flow can't be used, but the element flow is still a little useful.

Witch's groceries

Shaman epic 2 mana card, effect: restores 4 health points. It can be reused in this round. It's another kind of reverberation effect. It can return 20 blood in a round when it costs 10 fees. Many people will definitely compare this card with the rain of treatment. However, the biggest difference between these two cards is that the rain of treatment is randomly added with blood, and this card can add blood specifically.

Leprechaun man

Neutral common follower, 1 fee 1 / 2 of the body, battle roar: makes a friendly Fishman gain poison. Although it's a neutral follower, everyone knows that this is a follower designed for yurensa. When the next big brother has the effect of ridicule on the opposite side, the player of this card will be able to play the effect. Use the little monster to replace the one on the opposite side, and play a good hand!