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Yin Yang division new SR Hai Ren's comprehensive explanation of one sword clearing

The new God of Yin Yang master, Sr Hai Ren, must be of great interest to all of you. Today, let's take a look at the function application of this new God.

Employment orientation

The mechanism and characteristics of the Shishen can be simply described as the positioning of the evil Fox and the nocturnal fork. Look at the number of face attack output segments, but it is not the single infinite and sudden attack of the evil fox or the conductive AOE attack of the nocturnal fork, but the ghost cut attack of the AOE caused by the single body, and it does not need the fire consuming Shishen. This positioning makes the employment of Shenhai forbearance very vague. Both PvE and PvP have good performance and application.


First of all, the routine daily copy is definitely unnecessary, such as exploration, soul ten, etc. this kind of daily activity pursuing high efficiency and stability can be mixed with the factors of critical attack of soul guessing, but not with the factors of trigger of skill looking at the face, otherwise it is too unstable and the efficiency is not good. It's also not suitable for meeting unicorn, super ghost king, and demon retreating through the ranking of seeking damage by outburst, because your outburst depends on your face, and the little monster doesn't refresh frequently, and Hairen will lack the starting point and springboard of outburst.

So it's obvious that the most suitable one is the secret copy. As a fire-free type of God, it's very suitable to use it to fight the explosion and mass extinction without pursuing efficiency and speed. It can be regarded as a new generation of thugs in the secret copy.


Although the employment of PVE is relatively narrow, but PVP has been different for a long time. After all, the mechanism itself is based on the face. The black face and white face directly affect the war situation, and the characteristics of Hai Ren can be brought into play. In the game of baigui, I believe that many players have deeply realized that when the face is white, the Hai Ren will be crazy and the ability to clear the whole field will be more powerful than Guiche. But the positioning of PVP is different. Women with needles can be pure explosive gods, allowing the forehand control team to play an advantage.

You can also play defense counterattack with dice ghost to fight defense counterattack, and because its counterattack is accompanied by blood return and effect resistance acceleration and chaos control effect, the effect is even better than ghost cut. Of course, you can also consider taking ferocity or wheel approach to increase the ability of maneuver or counterattack, but there is no dice ghost in body sense fighting.


Generally speaking, both PvE and PvP can be used for the employment and positioning of Shishen. However, it is more focused on fighting technology activities. PVE's entertainment ability is not as strong as that of demon fox and night fork. However, the performance of fighting technology is much more practical than that of night fork and demon fox. It belongs to the necessary output of the European emperor that can clean up the battlefield in a single way, with great potential in the future. It belongs to Shishen that you want to pursue stimulation and help you carry it out to the end.