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Who is the tear wound of the king's glory dream? Hanxin broke the whole scene

You should have heard the name of Han Tiaojiao in the glory of the king. Our Han Xin has been weakened many times. Xiaobian recommends you a set of the strongest inscriptions and outfit.

Recommended for loading out:

Patrol sharp axe + boots of resistance + shadow battle axe + power of master + endless battle blade + extreme cold storm

This set is the half meat fighting equipment used by the first Han Xin's dream tears, but I have to ask Xiaobian why they didn't suck blood. This is the relationship of the inscription. Let's look down. The shadow battle axe + extreme cold storm in the whole set of outfit has a 35% cooling reduction, which makes Han Xin use three shifts more frequently. At the same time, the high defense provided by extreme cold storm also makes Han Xin have stronger viability. This suit is very suitable for crazy line playing.

Red: disaster source x10

Green: eagle eye x10

Blue: highlights x10

Dream tears uses this set of inscriptions. His effects are: physical attack + 9; physical blood absorption + 16%; critical hit rate + 16%; physical penetration + 64. It can be seen that Han Xin doesn't pay much attention to attack power, but he needs endurance, critical hit rate and penetration very much, which needs to have these three kinds. What's more, what's the level a that doesn't hurt.