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What kind of equipment is the king's glory sanction? When meeting such heroes, I must punish them

This equipment can reduce the blood return effect of the injured player by 50% and last for 1.5 seconds. If it is a general attack, it will last for 3 seconds, which is also a small skill. If you play ad (physical output), then the blade of sanctions; if you play AP (spell output), then the tooth of nightmare. These two pieces of equipment have similar functions. Players can refer to them.

When will the blade of sanctions be used?

When I meet the hero who has strong blood return. For example, mink cicada, Luna, Cao Cao, Cheng Yaojin, Dong huangtaiyi, Ju Youjing, Cai Wenji, etc.

After mink cicada level 4, he can show his opponent in a fancy way. But if there are sanctions and nightmares, they will weaken the Diao cicada in disguise.

And then Luna, Luna and mink cicada are all able to choose five. If you want to control both of them, you need to control blue buff, and then you need to bring out the blade of sanctions and the teeth of nightmare. The rest is the technical problem.

In addition, Cao Cao's great move can last for 8 seconds to return blood. In the League war, he is just an immortal Xiaoqiang. Those who are distressed may as well give these two equipment a try, and it will be much easier to fight. Of course, Cheng Yaojin is the same. If you encounter such opponents, you may as well have a sanction or a nightmare.

As a fatan, Dong Huang Taiyi's passive French ball will return blood all the time when it hits people, which is very disgusting. The more people there are, the more blood he will return, so if you deal with him, you need to disperse your position. We need to use the blade of sanctions or the teeth of nightmare to reduce the amount of his life, or we can't beat the immortal Xiaoqiang.

Of course, Cai Wenji and Erlang God Yang Jian can't be underestimated recently. In a word, players need to see the right time to put out some equipment to suppress the opposite side.