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Sun CE's specific playing method of glory of the king

In the king's glory, sun CE is a hero liked by many players, so what's the specific fighting method? Next, I will give you a detailed analysis, so that you don't have to worry about the points.

Xiao Bian first recommended sun CE's Summoner skill with vertigo is better, because one skill is controlled, but there is a delay, so using vertigo can be 100% controlled, and big moves are also empty. In group war, with vertigo, you can play chain control.

Sun CE's passivity can not only return blood but also increase the armor value when being hit, so we can easily suppress the opposite side when we make good use of this point in the alignment. We'd better be able to grab 2. If we hit the target with 2 skills, we can slow down. If we cross the target directly with 1 + vertigo, we can easily get a blood. In this way, we can slowly snowball. The most important thing is that sun CE is not afraid of being caught at all, as long as he can't play, he will start to run.

Sun CE's support ability is still very strong, it's his big move, so we should always observe the small map. If teammates want to catch people or the dragon, we can go to support them in the first time, so that we can help teammates get their heads and the team's advantage will be more obvious.

In the middle and later period of the regiment war, sun CE must open a big circle to harass the enemy's output in the back row. Don't underestimate sun CE's damage. It's very easy to kill crispy skills in seconds, and sun CE's ability to stick people is also very strong.

Generally speaking, sun CE is also a very easy hero. As long as you master the hero's skill mechanism and use his points well, it's really easy. Moreover, sun CE is a very powerful warrior hero with certain Cary ability.