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Cai Wenji's critical hit is more powerful than Assassin

In the impression of many people, Cai Wenji is only a qualified assistant. In the ordinary qualifying competition, she is also walking in this style. Of course, there are some wonderful players who innovate their own playing methods in the game, but the results always cause misunderstanding among teammates and produce bad effects. Today, Lao Hong is going to bring you a new skill to ensure that you can play in the qualifying competition Like a fish in water, you can move forward and backward freely.

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Outfit recommendation: attack speed Shoes + eschatology + endless + electric knife + shadow blade + breaking the army. Many people know that this outfit is generally necessary for a shooter, but let's think about it. Cai Wenji's passivity and skill attributes can fully support the effect of this outfit. When it's imprisoned, when it's reincarnated, it's almost invincible.

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Inscription recommendation: it is recommended that attack speed critical hit flow inscriptions, such as red red moon, blue concealment and green eagle eye, are good choices. They can not only ensure Cai Wenji's output in the early stage, but also greatly improve the movement speed and armor breaking ability. In the later stage of confrontation, with their own skill attribution and equipment effect, they can definitely make you happy to fly.

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Don't worry. Let's get familiar with the new version of CAI Wenji,

In the early stage of line pairing: Cai Wenji of critical strike stream doesn't need to cringe. Level 1 learns Level 2 skills. She can dominate online, and doesn't need to control the existence of position. As long as the enemy hero dare to come, it's 2 skill imprisonment. Then general attack. If there's a better line, direct circulation imprisonment will make your enemy powerful and unable to fight, making him powerless and desperate.

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Mid line alignment: Cai Wenji can safely output the mid-term equipment. After all, the early equipment has been formed. At this time, she can collect buff, whether it's blue buff or red buff, regardless of the enemy's field or our field, because you can definitely run away. If you can't get rid of Flash + 2 skills, your skills are too good.

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Later group War: Cai Wenji in the group war is the same as the operation of auxiliary flow. In the group war, he imprisons the enemy to open a large area for his teammates. When he recovers his teammates by opening a large area, he will attack them. You will find that your damage has broken through the sky. The crisp hero of the enemy is vulnerable to attack at all under your output. Even the chance to fight back may not be killed by you.

I'm too tired today, so I won't write a series of wonderful tricks. I'll make statistics for you to reissue tomorrow.

So, here comes the question. Can you think of a wonderful combination?

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