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How can the king glorify Daji to play auxiliary? What's the best inscription for Daji

Six gods Pack: staff of reverberation + boots of calmness + anger of erudite + book of sage + staff of emptiness + moon of brightness

Analysis: the reverberation stick has a high magic attack bonus, which can also make it easier for Daji to clear the troop line, and the bonus of movement speed is also crucial for Daji; the cool boots increase the movement speed while increasing the cooling reduction, so that Daji can use skills frequently; the high magic attack increased by the rage of scholars makes Daji's damage more explosive; the book of sages provides the method At the same time, it also increased Daji's blood volume; the virtual staff increased the damage and maximum life of the method, and the percentage of the method wear effect, making it easy for Daji to hit the tank; the last moon not only provided cooling reduction and spell bonus, but also the most important thing was to ensure Daji's survival ability, so that the enemy assassins could not cut Daji.

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Inscription recommendation:

Blue reincarnation: spell attack + 2.4 / spell sucking + 1%

Red nightmare: spell attack + 4.2 / Spell Penetration + 2.4

Green compassion: cooling reduction + 1%

Total attribute: spell attack + 66 / Spell Penetration + 24 / cooldown + 10% / spell blood absorption + 10%

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Regiment warfare skills

Prophase: the survival ability of Daji in prophase is very poor, because there is no displacement, so we should try our best to develop under the tower. When the enemy comes to chase him, use two skills to daze him, and then retreat to a safe place. Make the reverberation stick and calm boots as soon as possible, and increase the moving speed.

Middle and late stage: Daji in the middle and late stage should follow his team and walk behind the tank. Daji can also squat in the grass to see that the enemy's hero is stunned by two skills, and then he cooperates with his teammates to kill the enemy. Daji can also consume the opposite side first when playing the team, but pay attention to that the consumption of the opposite side is based on its own safety. When the enemy comes to cut Daji, he can be dizzy with two skills, and then with one skill and big move, generally speaking, the enemy's crisp assassin will be killed in seconds. Daji's skill vacuum period is very long. When the skill is cooling down, you should always pay attention to the enemy's movements. If the enemy comes to cut Daji, you can run as fast as you can. If you can't run, you can immediately turn on Huiyue to ensure Daji's safety.

Although the damage of Daji exploded, the shortcomings of no displacement and brittle body are also very obvious. Therefore, only in the game of continuous practice, in order to play their own security under the circumstances of explosive damage