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Guide to Thailand's entry and exit procedures

In recent years, overseas tourism has become more and more popular. Many Chinese are willing to travel to Thailand, but do you know how to handle the entry and exit procedures of Thai tourism? How can we handle these things?

How to go through the immigration procedures?

On the plane, the flight attendant will issue an entry card. If it is not issued, you have to ask the flight attendant for it. Fill in the entry and exit card, walk along the airport to the entry direction after getting off the plane, and look for the sign and electronic landing visa counter. There are two channels to queue up when you get to the counter, one is free, and the other is charged by the express channel. If there are not many people in the free channel, you will queue up in the free channel to submit information. If you want to pay 200 baht in the fast track, you should submit the landing visa application form, entry card and passport to the staff. Generally, you don't need to read other information, but you should take it with you.

After receiving the money, the staff checked the passport and the application form and quickly sealed it. Because of the large number of people, the speed of stamping is fast enough, just like printing money. After getting the stamped passport, you can go through the security check. After security check, you can go to claim your luggage. There is a small episode. Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand is the largest international airport in Southeast Asia. There are many flights. When you go to the luggage carousel to see the arrival screen, because of the many flights, the screen flashes fast, three people and six eyes find half of them Hours still can not find the corresponding flight number in which carousel to claim luggage, so I went to the luggage manager to tell him the flight number, he looked at the ticket with a pen on the back of the ticket to write a number, admire his good memory, write the number is the line of claim! Force of the turntable number, than I stand under the screen to see half a day to be much faster. Before the turntable, the luggage has been piled on the ground. After picking up the luggage and going out of the gate, the tour guide will gather at the gate, and then start to take the bus to the hotel to start tomorrow's journey!

How to go through the exit formalities?

​​​​​​​ Thailand's six day tour has come to a successful end. It's nearly an hour's drive from the hotel to the airport. When we arrive at the airport, we want to check our luggage in advance, and then go around. We didn't expect that our checked luggage can only arrive two hours before departure. We can't check it in early, so we can only push our luggage and look at it as we go. When we finish checking our luggage, we need to take our passport and passport when we go out of the country The completed exit card. Take off your shoes, drag the belt, and take out the things in the backpack for inspection! This time, I put two bottles of facial cleanser and sunscreen in my backpack. During the security check, I asked that the cosmetics should not be taken with me. I had to go back to the check-in hall to check in. I had to buy a carton for 100 baht and put the two cosmetics into the carton for packing. After the security check again, I entered the waiting hall to wait for boarding.

The three hour flight soon ended, and the plane landed back in China. When it passed the customs, it only needed to pass the security check with a passport. But some things are inspected very strictly. For example, a book is put in a box, and it is identified as a Book during security inspection. The customs officers ask to take it out for inspection. They open the box and take out the book. The customs officers turn it carefully to see if there is something in the book they shouldn't take. After checking, they can leave. So friends with books and cosmetics should pay attention to this strategy It's too late.