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What does Japan's new tax exemption system say? How to distinguish consumables from general goods?

When you go to Japan to visit, you must buy something. But when you go to Japan to visit, what items can be refunded, and how can the refund be refunded? Now let's tell you what kind of tax rebate should be. It's the policy introduced last year.

New tax exemption system

First of all, let's talk about the new tax exemption system that will be implemented from July 1, 2018, which we should be more interested in. This new duty-free system means that there is no distinction between 'general goods' and' consumables'. As long as the consumption amount reaches 5000 yen, you can enjoy the duty-free privilege!

Maybe some friends don't know much about Japan's tax-free system, but don't worry. Let's make it clear.

system in force

New system (implemented on July 1, 2018)

The biggest advantage of this new system is that you can calculate the general goods and consumables together, so that you can easily break through the 5000 yen mark without being dazed by the classification of general goods and consumables. But its disadvantage is that when you calculate with, general goods can't be used in Japan, so if you have general goods that you want to use in Japan, it's better to follow the current system.

Here you may ask, what are general goods and what are consumables? Don't worry, let's make it up together.

What do consumables mean?

Consumables are things that will disappear after use, such as food, drink, alcohol, medicine, cosmetics, etc.


When the amount of consumables purchased in the same store on the same day reaches more than 5000 yen and less than 500000 yen, they can be refunded. However, unlike ordinary commodities, consumables need special packaging and cannot be opened in Japan. They need to be brought back to Japan within 30 days after purchase. That is to say, consumption tax will be paid if you consume in Japan, while consumption abroad has nothing to do with Japan, so you don't have to pay it. These precautions will also be explained when shopping. Don't forget.

What do you mean by general merchandise?

There is no specific definition for general goods, except consumables. Such as electrical appliances, shoes and bags, clothes, watches, jewelry, handicrafts, etc. General merchandise in the same shop on the same day to buy more than 5000 yen can be refunded.

General merchandise

As mentioned above, from July 1, 2018, the amount of general goods and consumables can be counted together when going through the tax refund procedures. For example, I bought a bottle of 3000 yen toner on the first floor of the department store, and then I bought a 4000 yen dress on the third floor. In this way, I can go to the tax refund counter to go through the tax refund procedures.

Well, the new tax-free system will explain to you here. Do you think it is much more convenient than before. After explaining the new system, let's talk about the procedure of tax refund. If it's my first time in Japan, it's still very useful.