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It's right to have a look at the common sense necessary for traveling to Yunnan!

Yunnan is a big province suitable for tourism. Many people travel to Yunnan every year. Do you know what should be paid attention to in Yunnan tourism? What are the precautions?

Precautions for Yunnan Tourism:

1. When traveling, you should pay attention to your backpacks and belongings in crowded places, and be careful of being stolen.

2. When you travel at night or go to a bar, you'd better not go alone, especially girls; when you're in a bar, don't take chances with an 'amorous encounter', there will be a bartender pretending to be an 'amorous encounter' to sell high priced wine; don't stay and linger in remote places for a long time at night.

3. When you choose to hike in Yunnan, you should prepare relevant medicine and equipment. It's best to walk together and pay attention to safety.

4. In Yunnan, we should respect the customs of ethnic minorities. Such as maintaining respect, friendship, respect for the elderly, do not understand the place to ask each other in advance.

5. In hot tourist areas, swindlers pretend to be "Living Buddhas" and "mages" and sell goods and collect money in the name of "guiding life". Don't be fooled.

6. During the rainy season (May to September) every year, landslides, debris flows and other traffic blocking situations will occur in mountainous areas, so we should pay special attention to the road condition information before traveling.

7. When staying in the Youth Hostel, we should pay attention to the custody of property and luggage.

8. Drugs are a major security risk in border areas. Do not take things for strangers when crossing the border.