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Sanya is not the most suitable city for the elderly in Hainan, but it is

However, in recent years, with more and more people traveling and serious commercialization, all kinds of cheating and cheating have occurred frequently. Maybe Sanya is not the most suitable place for the elderly. In Hainan, there is another place more suitable for vacation than Sanya - Qionghai. But why do you say that? Here's the best answer.

1、 Geographical location

Qionghai is located in the east of Hainan Island, adjacent to the South China Sea in the East, and bordering Wanning, Qiongzhong, Tunchang, Ding'an and Wenchang in the south, West and North. It is 86 kilometers away from Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, and 163 kilometers away from Sanya, an international tourist city in the south.

2、 Climate and environment

Qionghai is a tropical monsoon and humid marine climate zone. The annual average temperature is 24 ℃, the annual average rainfall is 2072 mm, the annual average sunshine is 2155 hours, the annual average solar radiation is 118.19 kcal per square centimeter, and there is no frost and snow all the year round. It can be said that there is no such high temperature and strong radiation in Sanya all year round, and there is no such long-term cold and humid winter in Haikou, the provincial capital.

Hainan Island is the only tropical island in China with an average annual temperature of about 25 & deg. The forest coverage rate is 51.8%, the highest in China. The forest coverage rate of Qionghai is as high as 60%, which is higher than the average value of Hainan. The air quality of Hainan is the best in China. Haikou City and Sanya City ranked fifth and second in the world's top ten cities in terms of air quality. Now the air quality of Haikou and Sanya City is seriously declining due to the full supply of cars. The original residents of the island also recognized that the air quality of Qionghai City is better than that of Haikou and Sanya City.

3、 Traffic conditions

Boao airport has been in normal operation, and now it has opened routes with major cities in the mainland. For example, more than a dozen first and second tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Wuhan have opened flights. Tourists from many cities in Qionghai do not have to go through Haikou and Sanya airport to guide them.

Hainan Island high speed railway has been in operation for many years, with a speed of 250km / h. There are two stations in the urban area of Qionghai and Boao town under its jurisdiction. It takes 30 minutes to Haikou and 60 minutes to Sanya by motor train, which is convenient for travel.

Hainan ring expressway is convenient and convenient. It takes only 60 minutes to drive to Haikou and two hours to Sanya. Moreover, the planned "Feng" shaped expressway has been completed in the next two years. It takes only 30 minutes to reach Wenchang and about 60 minutes to reach the west line.

4、 Human environment

As a hometown of overseas Chinese, Qionghai people generally attach importance to higher education level. Jiaji middle school used to be a key middle school in Guangdong Province, but now it is a famous school on the island. Every year, there are students admitted to Tsinghua University or Peking University. The population quality is generally high, the folk customs are simple, and the public security environment can be said to be the best city in Hainan. It's very common in this city that people say that they don't close their doors at night. They have won five consecutive titles in the public security evaluation. The jewelry shop without security is the best authentication, which is also one of the reasons why I choose to live here.

There are traditional festivals every month in Qionghai. There are 12 traditional festivals: Spring Festival in January, Lantern Festival, Earth Festival in February, Junpo Festival, Qingming Festival in March, March 3 Festival, April 8 Festival, Dragon Boat Festival in May, zaogong festival in June, ghost festival in July and a half, mid autumn festival in August, Hexian festival in September, harvest festival in October, winter solstice in November, Lunar New Year's Eve in December, etc During the Junpo Festival, every village set up a stage to sing operas. During the festival, every family was hospitable and entertained to get more happiness.

5、 Urban planning development

All previous leaders of Qionghai closely focus on the development idea of 'building a garden city and building a happy Qionghai', adhere to the principle of 'local urbanization, no demolition and no felling', promote the pace of characteristic urbanization, accelerate the integrated development of tourism and agriculture, and strive to achieve the goal of 'City in the garden, village in the scenery and people in the painting'. The author has lived for many years and deeply feels that these are not just slogans, It's a real policy adherence. The most promising example is the Millennium fishing port tamen. The annual "tamen sea Festival" in August attracts tens of thousands of tourists to taste seafood. There is also longshouyang Park, which skillfully combines agriculture with tourism. Strawberry picking Festival, Lotus Festival, Huahai Festival, music festival and other cultural festivals are held in different seasons of the year, which makes tourists feel relaxed and happy in the countryside.

6、 Living environment

Sanya, Haikou and Qionghai are the three cities with the best development in the east line of Hainan. With the trend of going to Hainan for holiday, leisure and pension, the prices of real estate projects in Sanya have doubled continuously. At the same time, more and more people are looking at Qionghai, which is no less than Sanya in terms of environment and living facilities. With the continuous influence of Boao and the opening of the East light rail, Qionghai, which is located on the central axis, is being sought after by more and more people. At present, because the real estate in Qionghai is in the early stage of development, the starting point of real estate price is low, and there is a big price difference compared with the housing prices in other cities. Now, because the housing prices in Qionghai are low, it is a good choice to buy or invest in Qionghai.

In terms of food, we have to say that it is very healthy. Qionghai has fertile land and rich products. It is rich in geese, ducks and fish. As a result, Qionghai people cook famous dishes such as Jiaji Duck, Wenquan goose, Wanquan carp and tamen seafood. Jiaji Duck is one of the four famous dishes in Hainan.

Qionghai is a famous coconut Town, so the special snacks made from coconut and the special snack culture emerge as the times require. Such as coconut boat, pig intestine roll, job's tears roll, GUI roll, press roll, sorghum roll, white roll, etc.

Because Qionghai has a long summer and no winter, it is urgent to drink and clear away heat. Therefore, cool and cold drinks, sour food and other diets and their culture came into being. Its representatives are tea culture, coffee culture, etc. when you come to Qionghai, you must not miss a bowl of authentic qingbu Liang.

As the saying goes, eating in Haikou, playing in Sanya and living in Qionghai tell us that Qionghai is different from other cities. There are so many contents that I want to say. Let me tell you so much, but it's better for you to come to this city and live in it. You will find that Hainan really has such a slow-paced city to wash those souls that have no place.