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Lovers Yulong Snow Mountain martyrdom official response came, the truth is so simple

Recently, a little video on the Internet became popular. A couple went to Yulong Snow Mountain to meet and die for love. Netizen says, after the man jumps cliff, the woman leaves silently. After 10 p.m., the Management Committee of Yulong Snow Mountain Scenic Area issued a circular denying the claim of "martyrdom". So what's going on? matter

At about 13:16 on the 16th, a man climbed over the guardrail and safety net and jumped into the cliff while touring the plank road on the viewing platform of the upper station of Yulong Snow Mountain Glacier Park, the scenic spot management committee said.

After the incident, Yulong Snow Mountain Management Committee immediately launched the emergency plan, and quickly organized and coordinated a team of more than 60 people to carry out the rescue work together with the public security and fire departments. After arriving at the bottom of the cliff, the rescue workers and medical staff confirmed that the man had no vital signs. According to the preliminary investigation by the police, the man jumping off the cliff is Wu, 24 years old, from Qingzhen City, Guizhou Province. Wu arrived in Lijiang from Guiyang at 9 am on September 16 and went to Yulong Snow Mountain Glacier Park alone.

At present, the police have contacted the family members and the relevant investigation and disposal work is in progress.