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The best place to enjoy the moon in Mid Autumn Festival in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is one of the more prosperous cities in China. The Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and the moon appreciation is about to begin. Where is better to go? The best way to enjoy the moon is to climb high or choose a quiet village around. Of course, some parks in Guangzhou are also very beautiful. I really don't want to go too far, so I can choose. So, Guangzhou Mid Autumn Festival where to enjoy the moon better?

Guangzhou Mid Autumn Festival where to enjoy the moon better

White Cloud Mountain

Only when Yunshan is 100 feet high can you feel the full moon in your hand. The Mid Autumn Festival in Baiyun Mountain is full of people, which is a popular choice for the flower city to enjoy the moon. Jump on the third watch, three five confidants, toast to invite the moon, can be described as a different taste.

Small pretty waist

If you want to say the place closest to the moon, there are only mountains and towers left. Xiaomanyao Ferris wheel, sightseeing hall, revolving restaurant, viewing platform, air post office and hanging corridor are all excellent places to enjoy the moon.

Ersha Island

Ersha Island is stranded on the river of the Pearl River Crossing downtown Guangzhou like a paradise. Take a walk along the river. Under the full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival, you can sing a song, and the moon is more poetic!

Pearl River

With the great transformation of the landscape on both sides of the Pearl River, the night tour of the Pearl River has added many highlights. Flood lighting system is used in the cross river bridge, which makes Haizhu, Haiyin and Jiefang dazzling. The Mid Autumn Festival, with a round night last month, is even more charming.

Liuhua Lake

The Mid Autumn Festival beauty of Liuhua Lake and Panxi Lake in Guangzhou city is well known. On the moonlit night of the Mid Autumn Festival, you can enjoy the poetic mood of 'smoke cage, autumn water and moon cage yarn' by leaning on the fence and beside the lake.

Huadu Square

Huadu square covers an area of 180000 square meters, with 70% green area. The breeze is blowing on the face, which is intoxicating. On the night of the full moon of the Mid Autumn Festival, the moonlight, lights and waves in the square are shining with each other. Such a beautiful scene is a feast for the eyes.

Wutong Mountain

Wutong Mountain is the birthplace of the "Shenzhen River", with high mountains and dense forests. The world is at your feet. At the foot of the mountain, there are thousands of lights; in the mountains, the cool wind is blowing, insects and birds are singing; overhead, a bright moon is near. Choose a big stone to sit down, or count the stars, or enjoy the moon, happy and comfortable.