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What to do when the high-speed railway passes the station?

In recent years, high-speed rail is quite popular and convenient. Many people like to take high-speed rail when they go out. Taking high-speed rail is not only fast, but also has better service. But, sometimes too tired, a careless sit over the station how to do? We should know that the speed of high-speed rail is very fast, and the distance between stations is also very large, and the running time can not be too short. When passengers wake up or find out, they are far away from their destination. What should I do? Come back with a replacement ticket? The price is & hellip; & hellip;

But it's easy to get sleepy when traveling. If you fall asleep accidentally, it's not like a sleeper has a train attendant's wake-up service. But here's a trick: you can go back for free.

According to Article 37 of the detailed rules for handling Railway Passenger Transport: "when a passenger needs to be returned due to selling, purchasing, taking or passing the station by mistake, the conductor shall prepare a passenger transport record and submit it to the front parking station. The station should indicate & lsquo; Miss & quot; on the back of the ticket and affix the station name stamp to designate the trains in the near area to return free of charge. In the free return section, the station bus should inform passengers that they are not allowed to drop off on their own & hellip; & hellip; '

Repeat! Please remember to find the staff immediately! Ask the conductor for the passenger record immediately! The conductor will open the passenger record, give you the front station, follow the staff, don't run around! If you have a passenger record, you don't need to make up the ticket again. You can send it back for free at the next station.