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Do you need tickets to travel to Daocheng Aden? How much is the entrance fee?

Daocheng Aden attracts countless fans by virtue of its nearly extinct beauty. In recent years, it has become a scenic spot. Many people punch in here one after another. So before going there, we must do a good job of relevant information about Daocheng Aden. For example, does Daocheng Aden need tickets? How much is the ticket?

Do you need tickets for Daocheng Aden

Daocheng Aden maintains the nearly extinct beauty of the earth, and is also known by foreign friends as the last pure land on the blue planet, which has attracted countless tourists. Of course, tickets are required for such a beautiful scenery. Otherwise, how can it maintain the most basic survival? The most beautiful season of Daocheng Aden is the coming September October, when you can see a large colorful forest.

Daocheng Yading ticket price

Yading Daocheng ticket price: 150 yuan / person, discount ticket 80 yuan / person, sightseeing bus 120 yuan / person, ticket validity 3 days.

The preferential policies are as follows:

1. Free tickets for children under 1.3m; half price discount for children between 1.2m and 1.4m.

2. For the elderly aged 60-69 with valid certificates, the preferential price is 80.00 yuan per person; for the elderly aged over 70 (including 70), the ticket is free with valid certificates.

3. For full-time students with student ID card, the preferential price is 80.00 yuan per person.

4. Families of revolutionary martyrs, disabled soldiers and retired military cadres are free of charge with valid certificates.

5. Journalists, the disabled and active servicemen with valid certificates, the preferential price is 80.00 yuan per person.

The tickets of Yading Daocheng are introduced here. Small partners interested in Yading Daocheng can buy tickets locally, on the official website, or on some tourism websites. There may be discount activities or package tickets, which is more cost-effective.