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Where is a good place to visit Xi'an on Mid Autumn Festival? Xi'an three-day tour essential strategy

As we all know, Xi'an has been the imperial capital since ancient times. It has a history of more than 5000 years of civilization, 3100 years of city construction and 1100 years of capital construction. It is one of the four ancient capitals in China. Therefore, it is very cost-effective to visit Xi'an on holidays. So, do you know where to go to Xi'an for Mid Autumn Festival?

First of all, before traveling, we should make preparations for traveling. Last time Xiaobian went to Xi'an to play, we should book train tickets in advance, take one or two clothes to change and wash, and the best shoes are sports shoes. After all, when traveling, there are relatively more people walking. It's better not to take a suitcase, but to carry a backpack. Take the charger and power bank with you. By the way, the student party should remember to bring the student card. With the student card, the scenic spot can enjoy a lot of concessions. The most important money, money, money!

On the first day after arriving in Xi'an, the terracotta warriors and horses, Lishan Mountain and Huaqing Palace

In the morning, I went to Huaqing Palace. At the foot of Lishan Mountain, the historical allusions of the warlords and the Xi'an incident took place here. "On July 7, when there is no one whispering in the middle of the night in Changsheng hall, I would like to be a winged bird in the sky and a LIANLI branch in the earth." this is what the two trees say.

After visiting Huaqing Palace, you can go to Lishan. In the afternoon, go to see the terracotta warriors and horses, the eighth wonder of the world. In the Museum of the mausoleum of the first emperor of Qin Dynasty, the subway is very convenient now. You can take the subway to the railway station and start from the railway station to see the terracotta warriors and horses. It takes about an hour to get there, but try to go as early as possible, there will be a lot of people. When appreciating the terracotta warriors and horses, you must ask a guide, or you can only see the head. After a day's shopping, you can go to Gulou, Huimin street, especially Huimin street in the evening. You must keep your stomach to eat delicious food

After a day's shopping, you can go to Gulou, Huimin street, especially Huimin street in the evening. You must keep your stomach to eat delicious food

The next day, I will go to Huashan, the most dangerous mountain in the world. If I come to Xi'an and don't go to Huashan, it's like I didn't go to the West Lake when I come to Hangzhou. Huashan has only the sky, and there are no mountains. Huashan left peak is the best place to see the sunrise, south peak is the highest peak, West Peak is the most beautiful. Last time we went to the most famous scenic spot of Nanfeng, Changkong plank road. We kindly remind you that if you don't have the courage, you'd better not challenge

On the third day, I went to xiaoyanta, Shaanxi History Museum. The little wild goose pagoda is in the Xi'an Museum. There are not many people waiting in line. The most important thing is free. After visiting the little wild goose pagoda, you can go to the Shaanxi History Museum. If you don't want to go, you can have a good rest in the B & B and return home.