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What is the teacher's suicide due to the conflict between teachers and students? The whole story of

On July 15, the suburban Education Bureau of Tongling City and the suburban branch of Tongling Public Security Bureau issued the latest notice on the loss of contact of teachers in chenyaohu central school. According to the circular, on the afternoon of July 15, DNA comparison results of Changhang public security confirmed that the male corpse found in liujiadu section of Wuwei section of the Yangtze River on July 7 was Zhou Anjan, a teacher lost from chenyaohu Central School in the suburb of Tongling City, and confirmed by video that homicide was ruled out. What is the matter? Why does this happen?

The dispute between teacher Zhou Anjian and the parents of the students concerned by the society has been investigated in many ways. The situation is as follows:

On the morning of June 19, a boy and a girl had a conflict, which made the girl cry. Teacher Zhou Anjian came forward to deal with the problem and had physical contact with the boy Zhou. After that, Zhou felt unwell, and his parents took him to the hospital for CT examination. The parents of the students asked Mr. Zhou Anjian to apologize and pay for the inspection. The school and the police found that Zhou Anjian had no fault in maintaining the normal classroom teaching order, and his request to apologize to the students in the whole class was not accepted.

On July 3, Mr. Zhou Anjian left home and lost contact. On the 7th, the body was found.