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Two people died due to the rupture of pendulum in Indian amusement park. What about the other 27 peo

According to the latest news from Russia today (RT), a pendulum full of tourists in kankaria Adventure Park, Ahmedabad, India, suddenly broke down in mid air and crashed directly into the ground on the 14th local time. At least two people were killed and more than a dozen injured in the accident, the report said. What's the matter with this accident?

According to RT, the spindle of the large pendulum failed when it began to accelerate. Vijay nehra, a member of the Ahmedabad Municipal Council (AMC), said two people were killed and another 15 were taken to hospital because of serious injuries.

Rt said authorities had investigated the cause of the accident to determine whether gengria adventure park had a legal license to operate the ride. Meanwhile, the court laboratory is investigating the maintenance of the facility. Source: World Wide Web