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Can HSR choose seats online? Which seat is next to the window?

Nowadays, many people travel by high-speed rail. Because it is convenient and fast, the time consumed is much faster than that of trains and buses, and the carriage environment is more comfortable, it has become the preferred means of transportation for many people. Can high-speed rail choose seats? Many people like the window seat. Which seat of high-speed rail is by the window?

Can HSR choose seats online

Today's high-speed railway can choose seats by itself. The old days of choosing seats by luck are gone. Now when you order high-speed railway tickets online, you can choose seats. 12306 supports C, D and g-prefix EMU train seat selection, but this function only provides the choice of adjacent seats. It's not enough to choose seats freely. It's quite user-friendly if you want to be near the window You can also choose.

Which seat is next to the window?

Since the C, D and g-prefix EMU trains of high-speed railway can choose seats, the first place many tourists want to choose is by the window. Many people may not know which position is by the window, business class A by the window, C by the corridor, f by the window and corridor; first class A, F by the window, C, d by the corridor; second class ABC, DF, where a, f by the window, C. D is in the corridor, B is in the middle of AC, so those whose seat numbers are a and F must be close to the window. Basically, there will be a prompt on the payment page that those who are close to the window can be used as the window. Just choose.

As for the question of whether you can choose seats for high-speed rail, it's clear to all of us. In fact, it's very good after you have the choice of seats. At least you can choose the window seat or the corridor seat. It's up to you to decide.