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What's the time of watching Qiantang River spring tide in 2019? Where is the best place to watch the

It's a good time to watch the tide once a year. We all know that to watch the tide, we must go to the Qiantang River. So, what's the schedule for the spring tide of Qiantang River in Hangzhou in 2019? What is the tide time of Xiasha bridge?

Spring tide viewing time of Qiantang River in 2019

Warm tips: the spring tide of Qiantang River is the largest on the 18th day of August in the lunar calendar, and you can see the tide from the first to the fifth day of every month, and from the 15th to the 20th day of every month, so you can watch the tide for 120 days in a year

Updated on Monday, July 8 (June 6): small tide flood

Jointly issued by Hangzhou forestry and Water Bureau and Hangzhou Meteorological Bureau

Remarks: the elevation is above 85 base level, and the high tide level and surge height are in meters

The classification and description of tide index are shown in the table below:

Note: due to the influence of climate, please wait for the tide 40 minutes in advance! For details, please call the tourism hotline: 0573-87617200, where is the best place to watch the tide in Qiantang River? How to get to the climax and turning tide over the years

Address: Hangjiahu Plain, North Bank of Hangzhou Bay

Opening hours: 8:00-16:30

Ticket price: the original price is 80 yuan, and the special price is 55 yuan. Special price ticket of Haining tidal wave Festival 2018 is 55 yuan


1. It's only half an hour and the fare is 10 yuan. In addition, the T109 bus runs between the urban area and the scenic spot, starting from Haining railway station square and ending at Yanguan.

2. Driving guide: Shanghai direction: Tudian exit of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway - Haining North South Avenue - East West Avenue (i.e. Shanghai Hangzhou double track Expressway and provincial highway 01) - Yanguan town; Hangzhou direction: Changan exit of Shanghai Hangzhou Expressway - East West Avenue - Yanguan town.