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How to change the ticket? List of necessary conditions for ticket change

Nowadays, many people prefer to take the train when they go out. Most people will choose to buy tickets online, but sometimes they can't get to the station on time due to various reasons. At this time, many people will choose to change their tickets. So, how to change the ticket? What are the regulations for ticket change?

Specific provisions on ticket change

(1) If the passenger is unable to take the bus at the station, date or train number specified on the ticket, he / she may apply for a visa for advance or delay at the station (hereinafter referred to as "visa change").

(2) On the premise that the railway has transport capacity (i.e. selling tickets), the ticket can be changed to other trains within the pre-sale period or to the station more than 48 hours before departure.

(3) Within 48 hours before departure, other trains before departure or between 24:00 on the same day after departure can also be changed. No change of tickets on the next day or after the ticket date will be handled.

(4) After driving, passengers can still change tickets for other trains on the same day, but they can only change tickets at the departure station, and tickets changed after driving cannot be refunded.

(5) Within 48 hours to 15 days before departure, if the ticket is changed to another train more than 15 days away from the train and the ticket is refunded 15 days before the departure, 5% of the refund fee will still be charged.

(6) If the date of the ticket changed is during the Spring Festival transportation, the refund fee will be charged according to the standard less than 24 hours before the departure time.

(7) A ticket can only be changed once. If the passenger cancels the trip after the ticket is changed, the ticket can be refunded according to the regulations, but the ticket changed after driving cannot be refunded. The service of "change of arrival" will not be provided for changed tickets.

Can I change the ticket, refund the ticket and change the arrival service?

(1) If the ticket is not refundable, the ticket can be refunded according to the regulations.

(2) The original ticket will be invalid after the loss report ticket is issued, and it can not be used as the certificate of real name system verification, ticket change, ticket refund and travel. If the original ticket has been changed, only the ticket changed will be reported for loss.

(3) After use, the refund procedures of "report loss and make up ticket" should be handled at the departure station, arrival station or stop station of the train on the ticket.