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Will there be altitude reaction in Sichuan? Is the altitude reaction severe in Ganzi, Sichuan?

We all know that many people will experience altitude sickness when they go to Tibet, even in some places in Sichuan. But Sichuan is a beautiful place, and many people can't resist its beauty. Ganzi in Sichuan is a place for many free pedestrians. Daocheng, Seda or Danba are all popular tourist attractions. There are rich natural scenery such as mountains, grasslands, forests, snow mountains, lakes, etc., as well as mysterious ethnic customs. Because it is located on the plateau, many people are worried about altitude reaction. Will there be altitude reaction in Sichuan Ganzi? Is it severe in Ganzi?

Will there be altitude reaction in Ganzi, Sichuan

Don't be afraid of altitude sickness. It's a kind of psychological function. It's necessary to keep a good mood and normal work and rest before going to the plateau. Don't deliberately exercise before going to the plateau. If you always keep exercising, you should stop half a month before you go to Tibet, so as to avoid the increase of oxygen consumption and increase the burden on the heart when you are in Tibet, which may cause high reaction. ​​​​​​​

The altitude of Ganzi is about 3000 meters above sea level, which may cause altitude reaction. If tourists travel in high altitude areas, don't walk too fast. If you have high reflexes, such as wheezing, headache like needle pricking, sweating all over, and rapid heartbeat, sit down in a shelter, eat something high in calories, and take a deep breath. In case of severe altitude sickness, the safest way is to return to low altitude areas.

The problem of high altitude antipathy is very serious for people with high altitude reaction. However, it is quite suitable for people with high altitude reaction.