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In July, you can't miss these 15 places!

This July, have a summer vacation! You're on the move. Do you know where to go?

1. Libo & middot; Guizhou

Libo, as the unique karst forest in the same latitude of the earth, has won the world-famous "Emerald on the belt of the earth". Graceful mountains and waters create a place of refuge here. The comfortable temperature of 25 ℃ makes people love here. It has been rated as one of the 30 most beautiful scenic spots in China by CNN.

From June 15 to September 22, Guizhou's high-speed and scenic spots only need half price super discount! It's very exciting! This summer, let's go to Libo to play!

2. Menyuan & middot; Qinghai

The summer in Qinghai is very charming. In the past, it is half blue and half yellow, which makes people indulge in it. Menyuan is the north gate of Qinghai Province. In the East, there is the largest Xianmi natural forest area in Qinghai. In the west, there are grassland scenery of Suji and Huangcheng, and in the middle is the rape flower sea called plateau wonder. Under the blue sky, the golden rape fields seem to stretch to the sky. The breeze blows gently, and the rape flowers shake slightly, like a fairy in a goose yellow dress, dancing.

3. Ganzi & middot; Sichuan

Ganzi is the closest Tibetan paradise to heaven, and also a place to wash souls. Ganzi 18 counties, counties are paradise! Daocheng Yading, the last pure land on the water blue planet, Gongga snow mountain, the king of Shushan mountain, Danba Tibetan village, the most beautiful village in China, mugecoo with various sceneries, the vast maoya prairie, and the red Buddhist suta are all beautiful sceneries, touching the soul from time to time!

4. Zhaosu & middot; Xinjiang

If you miss Zhaosu in July, you will miss the most wanton beauty in Xinjiang. Zhaosu, surrounded by Wusun mountain, South Tianshan Mountain and many other mountains, is the most cool place in Ili. Riding and galloping in the vast Zhaosu grassland, facing the wind, comfortable. Zhaosu flower sea, half golden and half dark purple, is as beautiful as a fairyland.

5. Gannan & Gansu

When Joseph & middot; Locke, a photographer of National Geographic of the United States, came to Gannan, he was amazed by the colors here. He could not help but sigh: "I have never seen such a beautiful scenery in my life.". In the corridor outside Labrang temple, the pilgrim's steps never stop; zhagana in the morning is hidden in the clouds; the butter fragrance in the Sangke grassland has not disappeared for a long time & hellip; Gannan in summer is the most charming place in China.

6. Linzhi Lulang Linhai & middot; Tibet

The spring of Nyingchi is amazing in the world, but the summer here is also amazing! Under the towering white snow mountain in the distance, there is a sea of lush forest, which is covered by clouds and mist from time to time. It outlines a quiet and beautiful picture of the residence of Mu Cun mountain.

7. Zhongwei & Ningxia

"Where's dad going?" was filmed here, and the central defender became angry. But that's not the only beauty of the centre half. Shapotou set desert, Yellow River, mountains, oases as a place, with the magnificent northwest scenery, and beautiful scenery of the south of the Yangtze River. There are the largest natural sand sliding ground in China, the "first rope of the Yellow River in the world" across the Yellow River, the ancient water wheel representing the Yellow River culture, the sheepskin raft, the oldest transport tool on the Yellow River, and the mirage rarely seen in the desert.

8. Puzhehei & middot; Yunnan

Puzhehei, this paradise, has been amazed by its beauty. There are six famous landscapes in this area, such as water garden, Lake peak forest, water village of Yi people, karst wetland, Lotus World and migratory bird paradise. In July every year, thousands of mu of lotus flowers are blooming here, and more than 270 kinds of lotus are competing to form the world's largest 10000 mu lotus pond. In addition to enjoying, you can also choose to drive a boat between the lotus leaves. The biggest festival of Yi people, Hualian Festival, is also being held in July. Maybe you can meet this grand event here!

9. Enshi & middot; Hubei

From April to August, Enshi is the most comfortable season. Although it is close to Wuhan and Chongqing, it is as cool as spring, but it is worthy of the name of "cool capital of the world". Hebenfeng is known as "China". The average temperature here is 24 ℃ in summer, which is a natural summer valley. There is emerald green lake water hidden in the empty and secluded canyon. The boat is running on the clear river, as if floating in the air, with leisure beyond the ordinary world.

10. Shengsi archipelago & middot; Zhejiang

Shengsi archipelago, known as "Oriental little Greece", has more than 400 islands of different sizes, known as the "fairy mountain on the sea". It is mainly composed of Sijiao Island, Huadao LvHua, Shengshan wolfberry and Yangshan. Come here must go to Shengshan Island no man's village, here has long been forgotten by the world, the villagers have all moved away, to a new residence. The green waves rolling all over the wall cover the traces left by time here. Come here once, as if stepping into the dream of the wizard of oz.

11. Aershan & middot; Inner Mongolia

ALSHAN is known as "Switzerland in China". It is surrounded by grasslands, forests and lakes. The breath is green. The temperature in summer is only 15-25 ℃. All over the screen are Aershan National Forest Park with negative ions, the most beautiful railway station in China, aolunbukan scenic spot with beauty and charm, and Lucun village with close contact with deer

Aershan is a beautiful place hard to find in the fairy tale world.

12. Dongshan Island & middot; Fujian

On Dongshan Island in July, the sky and the sea are the same blue. The sun is shining on the sea. Here, listen to the wind and see the sea, and have a quiet time. Here, there is no "sightseeing" to the sea, only the hard work of fishermen. The delicious seafood of Dongshan Island is fished by fishermen.

13. Weihai & middot; Shandong

Weihai summer is blue, refreshing, natural and cool! When you come to Weihai, you must go to Liugong Island, where the average temperature is only 12 ℃, to escape the summer, to go to Hailu island where sea birds fly together, or to play sand and water in Rushan Silver Beach, and to stroll in Chishan, a natural oxygen bar

14. Youyang & middot; Chongqing

Youyang is the paradise of Tao Yuanming. There are stilted buildings that are more elegant than Phoenix, terraces that are not inferior to Yuanyang, and the quiet ancient town hellip & hellip; in the natural danger of Wujiang River.

15. Sanqingshan & middot; Jiangxi

Sanqing mountain, with an average temperature of 23 ℃, has both the grandeur of Mount Tai, the beauty of Huangshan, the precipitousness of Huashan, the misty clouds of Hengshan and the serenity of Qingcheng. Sanqing mountain is rainy in summer and clear up after rain. The water vapor at the bottom of the valley condenses into clouds and fills the valley, forming a sea of clouds. It looks like a flowing Chinese landscape painting. When the sea of clouds dispersed, I stood at the top of the mountain and looked green.