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Where is the best place to travel in summer? Recommended scenic spots for summer vacation

Every summer, every city in the South starts the furnace mode. It's too hot. At this time, you have to travel to the northern cities. The major summer resorts have become the most popular travel choices. Many people plan to travel in summer. Where do you want to travel in summer?

Where to travel in summer


Chishui, Guizhou, is a very popular summer resort. Although the small city area is not large, there are many beautiful scenery. Waterfalls, Danxia, alpine trees and ancient towns are the four great essences to Chishui. If you want to find a summer resort, you may consider this small place. Chishui's best travel time is summer, four gully holes, ten Zhangdong waterfalls and so on. It is the most beautiful season of Chishui and a good time for summer vacation. It's very comfortable to walk in the green mountains and clear water.


Beidaihe is very cool in summer. At present, it has become the back garden of the surrounding cities. In summer, tourists come here in an endless stream, and the fresh air is refreshing. It is a resort for recuperation and leisure. From the end of June to the end of August, Beidaihe is the tourist peak season and the best time for summer vacation. This time is suitable for swimming in the sea and playing on the beach.

Changbai Mountain

June to September is the most comfortable season in Changbai Mountain, and also the most beautiful natural scenery. In June, Changbai mountain began to recede the cold, showing the color of summer. 7. August is the peak season of the year. At this time, Changbai Mountain has lush vegetation, iris flower sea in full bloom, and the temperature is basically above 20 ℃. Therefore, it has become a popular summer resort in Northeast China.


There are not many tourists in Kaiyang, which is a relatively small county in Guizhou. The air conditioning is just decoration here. The landform of Kaiyang County is mainly karst landform, and it has karst ecological landscape with great ornamental value. Nanjiang Grand Canyon is one of the famous scenic spots in Kaiyang County. Tao Yuanming, a famous poet in China, once lived here.