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Where to go for summer vacation in Chongqing? Five summer resorts in Chongqing

Chongqing is one of the four big furnaces. You should all know that the highest temperature is 40 + when you are hot. If you go out, you'd like to know what summer resorts there are in Chongqing. Today, let's talk about the good places around Chongqing for summer vacation.

What summer resort are there in Chongqing?

Hongchi dam in Wuxi

If you don't get to Hongchiba, you will never understand the secret language of the wind blowing grass. You can whip your horse under the blue sky and run and play on the grassland. You can see green and ribbon covered flowers. The colorful ribbons are like silk spreading on the grassland, forming a colorful ocean under the rolling mountains.

Shizhu Huangshui forest park

The park is located at an altitude of 1 meter, with an average temperature of about 20 & deg; C. The Park is located at an altitude of 1 meter. The park has a good ecological environment and a profound cultural heritage of Tujia folk culture. There are many mountains and rivers in the park.

Wulong fairy mountain

Fairy mountain can be said to be the net red of Chongqing. It is surrounded by a large air conditioner every summer. It is a popular summer resort in Chongqing. The average temperature on the mountain in summer is 15 ℃ lower than that in the main urban area of Chongqing. You can enjoy the cool, barbecue, ride horses and ski in the ice and snow world.

Ayi River in Pengshui

The Ayi river has deep gorge and high valley, narrow river bed and rocks. The river is quiet and the scenery is beautiful. If Tao Yuanming goes into the Peach Blossom Land by accident, it seems that he is in a wonderful paradise and forgets to return. Now go to the Ayi river for summer vacation. You can experience the exciting rafting and feel the cool spray on your face.

Wansheng black Valley

Wansheng Heishan Valley is known as "Chongqing Guizhou biological gene bank" by experts. It is the largest and best protected natural ecological scenic spot in Chongqing. The most wonderful scenery is the narrow and secluded Liyu river ten mile gorge. Standing in the Liyu gorge, one hand can touch the mountains of Chongqing and the other can touch the mountains of Guizhou. It is a natural oxygen bar with high mountains and dense forests. The temperature in summer is lower than that in the city. You can feel the shade of the canyon and the fun of swimming in the hot summer.

Now that you know what summer resort there are in Chongqing, it's OK to ask three or five friends or family members to enjoy the cool on weekends. It definitely makes you feel cool.