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What month is the rainy season in Huangshan? How about going to Huangshan in July?

When it comes to Huangshan, many people think of the proverb "when the five mountains come back, they don't see the mountains when they come back." it's a very famous scenic spot in China. It has the reputation of "the first Wonder Mountain in the world". The five wonders of Huangshan are even more talked about. When is the rainy season in Huangshan?

When is the rainy season in Huangshan

Summer is the season with the largest number of tourists in Huangshan. At this time, Huangshan can enjoy the green mountains and beautiful sceneries, and the vision is also very broad. But at this time, there are so many tourists that you need to be ready to queue up and the hotel on the top of the mountain needs to be reserved in advance. Moreover, it is the plum rain season in Huangshan from mid June to early July. When you visit Huangshan Mountain, you should be prepared to prevent rain. When climbing Huangshan Mountain, it is better not to march in the rain to avoid danger.

The climate of Huangshan is very changeable, sometimes sunny and sometimes rainy. We must pay close attention to the weather forecast and make preparations. Climbing must be light, less luggage, wearing loose casual and windproof clothes and shoes. Mountain night and early morning temperature is low, more ready sweater, underwear, sweating can change not easy to catch a cold. It's better to have a raincoat to keep out the wind and rain. Huangshan has strong solar radiation, so it is necessary to prepare sunshade clothing and sunscreen.

Xiaobian has given you an answer about when the rainy season is concentrated in Huangshan. Generally, it rains frequently from the middle of June to the beginning of July, so tourists can avoid this period.