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Where is Fengjing ancient town in Shanghai? Opening hours of Fengjing ancient town in Shanghai

Shanghai, a super first tier city, has always attracted many people to visit Shanghai. Every year, many people come to Shanghai for tourism. If you want to visit Shanghai, you might as well visit the ancient town. Do you know what is the most famous ancient town in Shanghai? Where is Fengjing ancient town in Shanghai? How do I get there? What are the opening hours?

Shanghai is located in Jinshan District of Shanghai, known as a famous town of Wu and Yue because of its location at the intersection of Wu and Yue. The main scenic spots in Fengjing ancient town scenic spot are: Mao Zedong's portrait collection hall, Shiwang temple, Tianming hall, Sanyuan garden, dingcong cartoon Gallery, Fengjing memorial archway, Fengjing ancient stage, lvjiren painting gallery, Fengjing town, ancient corridor, Eastern District fire administration meeting, etc. So,

Fengjing is a typical ancient water town in the south of the Yangtze River. It is known as "three steps, two bridges and ten ports". There are 52 bridges in the town. The oldest one is Zhihe bridge of Yuan Dynasty, which has a history of nearly 700 years.

The town has a large scale, with 29 streets and lanes, 84 lanes and lanes. Up to now, there are four ancient buildings in Heping Street, production street, North Street and Youhao street, with a total area of 48750 square meters (excluding the ancient buildings preserved in other blocks). Fengjing is a large and well preserved ancient water town in Shanghai.

During the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Buddhism prevailed. Temples were set in streets, alleys, lanes and squares. There were 31 temples and temples in the town. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Catholicism and Christianity began to spread into Fengjing, and churches were built in Beizhen and Nanzhen respectively. The numerous ancestral halls and temples constitute the unique religious culture of the four major religions except Islam in Fengjing town, which is an indispensable part of Fengjing's rich tourism and cultural resources.

In the near future, Fengjing will be built into an ancient town tourism area with historical and cultural features, a new town with a distinctive North American style, a business district with international clothing machinery City as the main body, and a modern new Fengjing city with commerce, transportation, leisure, residence and cultural tourism functions, including the municipal Fengjing industrial zone!

1. Fengjing ancient town scenic spot grade: AAAA;

2. Fengjing ancient town scenic spot ticket price: 80 yuan (including farmers' Painting Village); 50 yuan for Fengjing ancient town, 30 yuan for farmers' painting village, and 50 yuan for Cruise (limited to 6 people, half an hour);

3. Fengjing ancient town scenic area opening hours: 8:00-17:00 (may September), 8:00-16:30 (other months);

4. Fengjing ancient town scenic area Tel: 021-5735555;

5. Fengjing ancient town scenic spot address: No.28, Lane 8588, Tingfeng Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai.

6. How to get to Fengjing ancient town?

Bus routes:

Take Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang paradise station in Shanghai, and then take Fengmei line (full expressway, 45 minutes) to southwest bus station to Fengjing.

There are buses to Fengjing ancient town scenic spot every day from wanti hall and Hongkou Football Field in Shanghai tourism distribution center.