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Why does high speed rail ban smoking? Punishment standards for smoking on high speed railway

We all know that smoking is harmful to our health. Nowadays, smoking is forbidden in many public places. However, when we took the train, we found that there was no smoking ban on the train, which made many people who hate the smell of smoke boring. Fortunately, the motor train and high-speed rail are now banned from smoking, and the requirements for smoking ban are very strict. Why is that?

Smoking will be banned on the motor train

As early as last year, the national development and Reform Commission (NDRC) issued the "opinions" notice on the website of the national development and Reform Commission, which includes: those who smoke on EMUs or smoke in the non-smoking areas of other trains: railway transport enterprises restrict the purchase of tickets, which are valid for 180 days. Counting from the date when there is no valid objection at the expiration of the announcement period, the tickets will be automatically removed after the expiration of 180 days, and the railway transportation enterprises will resume selling tickets to them.

According to the "opinions", once smoking on the train is found and recorded, the party concerned will not only be fined more than 500 yuan but not more than 2000 yuan in accordance with the provisions of the original railway safety management regulations, but also be prohibited from riding for 180 days. Why can't you smoke on the train?

Why can't you smoke on the train

The important reason why smoking is strictly prohibited on high-speed railway trains is that when there is no smoke on the train, it is because of smoking or because of fire. If there is a fire on the train, if the train is not stopped in time to extinguish the fire, it will lead to more serious consequences. Therefore, automatic alarm should be installed, and smoking will interfere with the alarm to judge whether the fire is on fire or smoking.

In order to improve the transport capacity of high-speed rail cars, the arrangement of high-speed rail trains is very dense. Because of smoking, the train will be delayed, which will affect the operation of all trains. Therefore, the state attaches great importance to the prohibition of smoking on high-speed rail.

Editor's note: we must abide by the rules when taking high-speed rail. For the sake of our own safety, we must also pay attention not to violate the regulations. Otherwise, they will be punished and filed.