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7. Where is the best time to play in August? At the beginning, domestic tourist attractions suitable

Now it's the end of June, many places are beginning to enter the hot weather, this time many people may start to prepare their own summer vacation plan. So, do you know which places are suitable for summer vacation in July and August? What are some interesting spots in these places?


Highlight: since ancient times, Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan has been the first to watch, appreciate and play with water. Even European countries have to use Jiuzhaigou as a model for waterscape. It can be seen that Jiuzhaigou enjoys a long reputation and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The temperature of Jiuzhaigou in July and August is 16-17 ℃, which is two seasons compared with 35-37 ℃ in Zhuhai.

Jiuzhaigou is most famous for its green and blue water, known as the king of Chinese waterscape. The water of Jiuzhaigou is natural beauty. The water color is Dylan, green and crystal clear. It is as clear as a mirror and colorful. It changes endlessly throughout the year and in one day, which makes every visitor marvel.

There are many lakes in Jiuzhaigou, which are called Haizi by the local people. It is said that there are 118 large and small Haizi. It is said that a long time ago, Dage, a fierce male god, ground a mirror with wind and cloud and gave it to his beloved goddess. Unexpectedly, the devil stepped in and killed you. The goddess accidentally broke the mirror and scattered the fragments into 114 crystal clear sea sons in the northwest of the mountain, forming the present 'dreamland' - Jiuzhaigou.

Wuyi Mount

Reasons for recommendation:

There are nine tunes, thirty-six peaks, seventy-two sceneries and 108 caves. In midsummer, the heat outside the mountain is oppressive, but in the mountain there is a feeling of "listening to the water sound so lively and enjoying the cool scenery of the mountain".

Wuyi's show is in the mountains. Wangwang peak is towering, jade peak is beautiful; Wuyi spirit is in water. From west to East, Jiuqu river meanders freely with beautiful scenery in Bay; Qinglong waterfall is magnificent and the canyon is quiet. The calm place is as hazy as emerald; when it flies, it is like a silver dragon. Wuyi's name is tea. Thirty six peaks, ninety-nine rock, rock has tea, tea to rock name, rock to tea.


Reasons for recommendation:

There is no severe cold in winter and no heat in summer in Zhangjiajie. The annual average temperature is 16.8 & deg; C, which can be described as spring in four seasons. Zhangjiajie often has showers in June and July. When it rains, the mountain roads are slippery, and there is fog in the mountains. You should pay attention to it when climbing. One or two hours after the rain is the best time to travel in Zhangjiajie. It is like walking in the clouds when people are surrounded by smoke. Suddenly, the sun shines out from the fog, and the mountains in the sunshine and clouds are looming & hellip; & hellip;

Zhangjiajie's waterscape is mainly composed of one waterfall, two springs, three ponds and four streams. The beautiful water here, whether it is flowing springs, waterfalls or deep streams, is naturally formed, naturally interesting, natural scenery, and natural fame. It is sweet and sweet, hidden and hidden. If you do not immerse yourself in the scene, you will never appreciate her beautiful quality. Cut by flowing water, Zhangjiajie has a narrow valley and steep walls. It sets off the winding streams, luxuriant trees, flowers and birds, and gurgling water, forming a secluded and mysterious realm. The most distinctive one is the Jinbian river.


Reasons for recommendation:

Guilin's landscape is the best in the world. When it comes to playing with water in summer, Guilin is one of the places that can't be missed. Summer can be said to be the best tourist season in Guilin, when the water level is high enough, you can enjoy the water in Lijiang (tickets); Yunhu sunshine is strong enough to take invincible scenery. What's more, Guilin's "green mountains, beautiful water, strange caves and beautiful stones" have long been well-known around the world, and people can never tire of seeing them. Hiding in the hot sun in the secluded cave to watch the grotesque stones in the cave will surely make you wonder: 'Oh, is it summer now'?