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Which district is better for Zhuhai Tourism? Which hotel is the most cost-effective?

No matter where you travel, accommodation is a big part of the whole journey. Poor accommodation will affect the quality of the journey. Do you know where is the most convenient place to stay for a tour in Zhuhai? Where is better to live in Zhuhai?

Where is it convenient to go to Zhuhai

gongbei port

Gongbei port is located in the most prosperous Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai, adjacent to Macao and connected with Macao by land. There are all kinds of hotels of different grades near Gongbei port. Basically, most tourists will choose to stay here. It is very convenient to travel, and it is also very suitable for tourists who want to go to Macao in the early morning. Recommended Hotels: Zhuhai xiangjiangvik Hotel, Zhuhai Yuehai Hotel, Zhuhai Phoenix Valley Holiday Inn, Zhuhai l Hotel Changsheng.

Xiangzhou District

Zhuhai is relatively prosperous area, scenic spots, accommodation are relatively concentrated, transportation, commerce are very developed. The hotel along lovers road is close to the wharf and various scenic spots, which is a good accommodation choice. Jida and Gongbei are the main business districts in Zhuhai. It is convenient to stay nearby and go shopping. Recommended Hotels: Zhuhai Xiyuan Hotel, Zhuhai 2000 Hotel, Motai 168

Hengqin Island

Basically, 21% of tourists choose to live here. Hengqin Island is the largest island in Zhuhai, only one river away from Macao. It is divided into big Hengqin and small Hengqin. The two islands are shaped like two guqin, which are on the blue waves of the South China Sea. Hengqin oyster is well-known for its delicious taste. It is a delicious food for bees who love seafood. Recommended Hotels: Zhuhai Hengqin Muxiang Holiday Hotel, Qindao Bay Hotel Apartment, romance hotel.

As to which area is convenient for tourists to live in, Xiaobian recommends these three areas. There are more hotels in Zhuhai, which can meet the needs of various consumer groups. Basically, tourists choose more accommodation areas.