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Why does the Forbidden City require tourists to leave before sunset? Finally, the answer to the ques

In recent years, many people will go to Beijing for tourism. Generally, the first scenic spot to visit is the Palace Museum of history, which is also a historical scenic spot that Beijing and even the whole of China are proud of. We used to see the shape of Bauhinia city in ancient costume dramas. However, when we really get to Beijing, we must have a look. But why does the Forbidden City stipulate that the sun Must tourists leave before the mountain falls?

Due to the large size of the Forbidden City and the large number of people who buy tickets, many tourists visit the whole palace museum during the day. In terms of time, it is still very tense. Some tourists still want to hang around in the late evening and want to see the shape of the Palace Museum in the evening. However, before the sun goes down, the staff of the Palace Museum unexpectedly drives them out.

In fact, the reason is very simple, but some people are easy to make a blind guess. Finally, they even imagined superstition. They said that there were the ghost of the servant girl and the master who died unjustly in the Bauhinia city at that time, so they were asked to leave as soon as possible. Of course, this is not the reason. Firstly, the reason why the Palace Museum drives tourists out before dark is to protect the Palace Museum relics from damage, and the staff also need to check whether the cultural relics in it are lost, because some people want to steal some valuable things in the dark. Secondly, some tourists feel that it is very difficult for them to come to the place where the emperor lives Shangdou stays in and sleeps, and really feels the place where the emperor has slept. If everyone does this, the Forbidden City will become a tourist's hotel. In this way, the Forbidden City will be destroyed in a terrible way. Moreover, as a historical heritage, we must protect it and do not let it be damaged.

After reading this article, you may know why the Forbidden City stipulates that tourists must leave before sunset? This not only standardizes the consciousness of tourists, but also strengthens the protection of the Forbidden City, so that future generations can see the witness of history. Now you should understand why the visitors to the Forbidden City leave before sunset.