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What famous tea does Lishui have? Six famous characteristic teas in Lishui

Lishui is located in the south of the Yangtze River, known as the "Green Valley of Zhejiang". Lishui people belong to the people of Jiangsu and Zhejiang and use Wu language. Lishui culture belongs to Wu Yue culture. Lishui also has superior geographical environment and climate conditions. What kind of famous tea does Lishui have?

Lijiang characteristic famous tea

Songyang tea

Songyang tea is a famous traditional tea in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. It has a long history. Maoshan, wanshoushan, Maanshan and ruoliaoguan in the producing area are surrounded by mountains, misty clouds, crisscross streams, and mild climate. The Songyang tea produced has tight and green appearance, clear and green soup, high and lasting aroma, fresh taste and bright green leaf bottom. Among them, Songyang macaque has compact, green, clear and bright soup color, persistent chestnut fragrance, fresh and mellow taste, tender and bright leaves.

Songyang Yufeng tea

Songyang Yufeng tea is produced in ruoliao gorge, Songyang County, which is one of the ten grand canyons of Green Valley in Xijiang county. Yufeng tea is made by unique natural ecological environment and exquisite technology. The products are tightly knit, silver hair is exposed, the color is green, the aroma is clear, the taste is fresh and mellow, the brewing and storage resistance are unique

Fengyang Chuncha

Fengyang spring tea is a famous traditional tea in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. It has a very long history. As early as the Three Kingdoms and Five Dynasties, Longquan tea has been produced. Longquan's tribute tea is produced in the new hall of Tiantang mountain at the north foot of Fengyang mountain (now Longquan Mountain), the first peak in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Province. The soil layer is deep, the soil is fertile, the organic matter is rich, and the rainfall is even. The climate is warm and humid, which provides a unique geographical and ecological environment for the production of high-quality tea. The Fengyang spring buds are shaped like pine needles, with tight straight and round cords, slightly pointed at both ends, sharp and slender, with velvet hair hidden and exposed, and dark green in color. After brewing, the tea has strong fragrance, fresh and mellow taste, clear soup and tender leaf bottom.

Xiangong Xuehao tea

Xiangong Xuehao tea is a famous tea in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. Yunhe lake is a high mountain and Canyon Lake. The climate conditions of warm winter and cool summer provide unique conditions for the production of famous tea. The altitude of the tea producing area is 400-800 meters. Affected by the evaporation of water vapor in the lake area, it is surrounded by clouds all year round, which ensures its excellent quality. The appearance of Xiangong Xuehao tea is round and tight, straight and even, with sharp edges Beautiful, green color, white hair revealed. Fragrant, elegant and lasting, the taste is fresh, sweet and refreshing, the soup color is yellow green and bright, the leaf bottom is fat and strong, and the green is bright.

Xiandu bamboo shoot peak tea

Xiandu bamboo peak tea is a famous traditional tea in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, with a long history, which has been recorded in the Tang Dynasty. Xiandu Zhenfeng tea, produced in Lishui, Zhejiang Province, is flat, straight and smooth in shape, green and smooth in color, rich and lasting aroma, clear and bright soup color, and fresh and mellow taste. With unique quality, green color, beautiful shape, high fragrance and delicious taste, it has won the favor of consumers.

Sanjing Maofeng Tea

Sanjing Maofeng Tea is a famous tea with a long history in Lishui, Zhejiang Province. Since the Ming Dynasty, it has not been sprayed with a drop of pesticide. The top three well Maofeng Tea is not available every year. One of the conditions that the top Maofeng Tea needs to meet is that the annual cloudy weather is not less than 189 days. The tea produced by Lishui is fat and strong, with white hair exposed, fragrant and fresh, mellow and sweet taste, and clear and clear tea soup So it is called "Mitsui Maofeng".