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How many months to travel to Yangshuo? Yangshuo tourist attractions

Yangshuo County has always been famous for its beautiful scenery. It is located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the south of Guilin city. There are more than 20000 peculiar peaks, 16 rivers and more than 110 natural scenic spots in the territory, which are collectively called "green mountains, beautiful waters, strange peaks and ingenious caves", which are the four wonders in the world. Among them, Lijiang River flows 56 kilometers through Yangshuo County. There are many odd peaks on both sides of the river, and there are many green bamboos on the bank. The reflection of these peaks and bamboos on the surface of Chengbi river forms a wonderful landscape painting length. So, do you know the best time to travel in Yangshuo? What must you see in Yangshuo?

The best season: March to October. The best time to travel to Yangshuo is from March to October. The weather is sunny and there is less rain in these months, which is suitable for sightseeing and various outdoor activities. Yangshuo's spring is the best time to experience the rural scenery. You can ride a bicycle and see the golden rape flowers. 7. August is the peak tourist season and the hottest time in Yangshuo. It's the best time to drift and take a bath in mud. Visit the ancient town in autumn, looking for folk customs. Yangshuo in winter is a dry season, sometimes cold, not suitable for rafting or cycling. At this time, you can visit the West Street in Yangshuo. Those shops and bars are also one of the characteristics of Yangshuo. How many tourist attractions have you visited in Yangshuo?

A must see spot

Yulong River

Yulong River is about 16km long, with clear water quality and slow flow. Compared with the Lijiang River, Yulong River is called "Xiaojiabiyu", which is one of the most beautiful rafting routes and has the good name of xiaolijiang river.

The difference with the Lijiang River rafting is that it is entirely supported by human hands here, and only two people can sit on a raft. There are 28 dikes built by local people to cross the river, which also add fun to rafting. The main scenic spots are: rhinoceros pond, Wuzhi Mountain, Chaoyang village, Xiangui bridge, Yulong bridge, Guiyi ancient city ruins, Han tombs, dongyunyan, Baxian crossing the sea, etc.

It's better to get up and float in the early morning. There are fewer tourists. The landscape is clearly reflected on the river surface, so you can feel the tranquility. Standing on the Fuli bridge in Ming Dynasty is the best place to photograph the beauty of Lijiang River.

West St

To Yangshuo, absolutely can not miss is the West Street. After more than 1400 years, the West Street is the oldest and most prosperous street in Yangshuo and one of the important tourist attractions in Yangshuo. But in fact, strictly speaking, West Street should not be placed in the scenic spot. It is defined by foraging, shopping, bar and other words. And because of this rich and colorful, the West Street has become a unique and beautiful landscape in Yangshuo.

The street, less than 1 km long, is made of stone slabs in a curved S-shape. Three or two tourists stroll leisurely and lazily. Young people of all colors ride bicycles and carry backpacks through the streets and alleys of the town. There are various small shops and snacks on the West Street, among which walnut peanut paste and osmanthus lotus seed soup are more famous. In addition to the special snacks, there are many bars, many foreigners in the bar. West Street is more lively at night than during the day. If you stay here, it may be noisy.

Lijiang River rafting

Lijiang River rafting (Yang Dixing Xingping section) is the essence drift section of Lijiang River. It is also suitable for tourists with limited time, and can enjoy the essence of the essence of Li River.

Many famous scenic spots, such as "yellow cloth reflection" and "jiuma painting mountain" with a background of 20 yuan, are concentrated here. Along the way, there are Xialong scenery, Eight Immortals crossing the sea, carp hanging on the wall, etc.

Yellow cloth reflection

Yellow cloth reflection is the essence of Li River. The new version of the 20 yuan yuan background is from yuanpo mountain. The picture of China's United Nations Headquarters Embassy on China's natural landscape is also reflected in the yellow cloth reflection. Through the clear water, you can see a big Beige stone slab at the bottom of the river, which is tens of meters long and wide. It looks like a brand-new yellow cloth laid on the riverbed.

Yangshuo Shili Gallery

Yangshuo Shili gallery is located in Yangshuo moon mountain. It is called Yangshuo Shili Gallery because of its beautiful scenery and picturesque scenery. The main landscapes are dolphin water, Flame Mountain, Longjiao mountain, Qinge scenery, ancient banyan scenery and so on.

The best way to enjoy the Shili gallery is by bike. The government has set up quite a number of observation platforms and rest kiosks along the way for tourists to rest. Of course, you can also take the shuttle bus to Gaotian (about 5 yuan, all the buses to Lipu can reach), and then start from the moon mountain and slowly walk back to Yangshuo County, which is more leisurely than riding. In recent years, there have been a large number of B & B in Lishan and Chuanyan village near the moon mountain, with rooms ranging from 50-200 yuan. You can consider experiencing one night of rural life.