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What kind of documents do you need to take when traveling abroad? Travel abroad must bring documents

Nowadays, tourism has become more and more popular among people. Many people will take a walk and go tour in order to stimulate them. Travel is a pleasant thing, and now it's cheaper to travel abroad. Many Chinese people like to travel abroad more and more. So, what kind of certificate do you need to take when traveling abroad? What do you need to prepare?


For international travel, partners need a passport. If not, please note that the general application time is 15 days. If you already have a passport, you need to ensure that it does not expire in the next 6 months or before you come back. Please take a copy of your passport with you. Take a soft copy of your passport with you. Copies will help get replacements faster and easier in case the original is lost. be prepared against want.


Visa is a kind of small seal, which provides conditional permission to enter a country in a specific period of time. Some countries allow landing visa. Therefore, please check whether the country / region you plan to visit has a passport to enter and land for visa. If not, you need to apply for a tourist visa for that country. Visa applications take some time to process, so it's better to apply in advance. The information required by each country for visa application will be different, and it needs to be understood clearly in advance. Visa also has time limit, please apply according to your own needs before applying for visa.

Foreign currency:

It is always better to carry a country's local currency instead of using credit / debit cards or traveler's checks to avoid foreign currency exchange fees. If you do not exchange foreign currency into the country without knowing it, you may be sent back to the country if you are suspected of immigration tendency during spot check at any time. For example, when you travel to the United States, you should know the amount of money carried by the country, so the foreign currency can also be regarded as a part of the certificate. It's better to check some entry requirements of the destination before traveling. For example, Thailand landing visa needs to prepare 2000 THB cash for transit.

plane ticket:

Booking a ticket is something you need to consider as soon as possible. If you go to a famous tourist attraction and it's rush hour, the ticket price can be very high. Advance booking will help to get tickets at a cheaper price. Bring a copy of your confirmed ticket with you during the trip in case the original is lost. If you book a return trip, please bring a copy with you. You can also request production at the immigration office in some countries. PS: some countries require passengers to hold round-trip tickets before they can go through the registration procedures. In addition, if it is a transfer flight, some countries may require landing visa, which must be seen clearly when booking tickets.

Proof of stay / hotel reservation:

On a tourist visa, or in the country where the visa arrives, most countries require proof of accommodation at the immigration counter. Copies of hotel reservations or invitation from relatives or friends living there will be fined. If they can't provide them, they have to worry about whether they will be judged by the customs to be inclined to immigrate and repatriated.