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What's the date of father's day this year? Father's Day

Father is actually a great existence. Many writers express their love for father in their own articles. Our country also has father's day, although father's Day is from the west to China. So, when is father's day coming this year? How does father's day come? When is the first father's day in China?

What day is father's day this year

This year's father's Day: Sunday, June 16, 2019

The first father's day in the world

The world's first father's day, born in the United States in 1910, was initiated by Mrs. Bruce Dodd, who lives in Spokane, Washington.

Mrs. Dodd's only wife, who was the only woman in the eastern part of the country to raise her child, died of childbirth Mr. smart worked hard during the day and took care of the housework and every child's life at night. After decades of hard work, the children finally grew up. When the children hoped to make Mr. smart enjoy his late years, Mr. smart died in 1909 due to years of overwork.

In 1909, when Mr. smart died, Mrs. Dodd missed her father after attending the mother's Day Thanksgiving service in church. Mrs. Dodd understood in her heart that her father's love and hardship in the process of raising children was no less than that of any mother. Dodd told pastor RIMAs of the church her feelings( Rev.Rasmus )Hope to have a special day Son, in memory of the great father in the world, her idea won the praise of the pastor and the support of various church organizations. Mrs. Dodd wrote to the mayor and the state government to express her ideas and suggested that her father's birthday, June 5, be taken as father's day.

The mayor of Spokane and the governor of Washington state publicly agreed. While the state government adopted the proposal, the festival was changed to the third Sunday in June. On June 19, 1910, the first father's Day celebration in the world was held in Spokane, Washington, where Mrs. Dodd lived. At about the same time, people in other towns around the United States began to celebrate father's day.

On father's day, people choose special flowers to express their respect and missing for their father. People take Mrs. Dodd's suggestion to wear red roses to show their love to the living father, and white roses to express their mourning for their dead father. This custom has been spread to this day. At the beginning, the date of father's Day is different. In some places, dandelion is used as a symbol of father's day The white clove with a green leaf was used to pay homage to his father.

In 1924, U.S. President Coolidge expressed his support for the proposal of establishing a national Father's day. In 1966, President Johnson signed a presidential proclamation declaring the third Sunday in June of that year as father's day in the United States. In 1972, President Nixon signed an official document, which designated the third Sunday in June as the all American father's day, and became a permanent memorial day in the United States. When was the first father's day in China? What flowers do you want for father's day?

The first father's day in China

Father's Day is not a "coming" festival. China also has its own father's day. The origin of father's day in China can be traced back to the period of the Republic of China. On August 8, 1945, Shanghai launched an activity to celebrate father's day, and the public immediately responded. After the victory of the Anti Japanese War, celebrities from all walks of life in Shanghai jointly asked the Shanghai municipal government to transfer it to the central government, and designated August 8, which is homophonic with "Dad", as the National Father's day On father's day, people wear flowers to express their respect and missing for their father.

What is the best flower for father's day

What flower is best for father's Day: Dendrobium

Because Dendrobium has a strong, peaceful and amiable temperament, many countries regard it as the flower of father's day. To send Dendrobium officinale on father's day shows perseverance and courage. The flower language of Dendrobium is: welcome, blessing, purity, auspiciousness and happiness. Dendrobium is a flower presented to father on father's day or father's birthday, which means father's firmness, kindness and dignity, and expresses his respect for his father.

What flower is best for father's Day: sunflower

In some countries, it is popular to send sunflowers on father's day, implying that father is like the great sun. All things grow on the sun, which means that children can thrive under the care of their father. This sunflower can be sunflower, also can be hibiscus. The flower posture of Fusang flower is full of enthusiasm and vitality, so its flower language and implication are: perseverance, not afraid of difficulties, and like to pursue a rich life. Single petal varieties represent warmth, while double petal varieties represent enthusiasm.