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How can we help ourselves when there is a rainstorm? What are the self rescue methods?

Recently, due to the rainstorm, many places in southern China have suffered from flood disasters. It is expected that Guangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou and other places or the geological disasters caused by rainstorm should pay more attention to, especially the people near the potential points of geological disasters. At the same time, we should also master how to help ourselves when the rainstorm disaster comes? How can ability biggest guarantee oneself and personal safety?

The heavy rain disaster is serious

At 18:00 on June 11, the Ministry of natural resources and China Meteorological Administration jointly issued the meteorological risk warning for geological disasters

It is estimated that from 20:00 on June 11 to 20:00 on June 12, the meteorological risk of geological disasters in central and northern Guangdong, Northern Guangxi and southwest Guizhou will be higher. Local residents should pay attention to the prevention of geological disasters caused by heavy rainfall, especially in the area near the potential points of geological disasters.

What to do if there is a flood

1. Do not panic, calmly observe the water situation and terrain, and then quickly move to nearby highlands and buildings. If the flood is very fierce, there is no nearby highland or building to avoid, and you can grasp the buoyant objects such as wooden basin, wooden chair, wood board, etc. If necessary, climb a tall tree and take shelter.

2. Remember not to climb to the roof of adobe houses, these houses are easy to collapse after being immersed in water.

3. In order to prevent flooding into the room, it is best to block all gaps under the gate with sandbags filled with sand, soil and gravel. If the flood is expected to rise, sandbags should be piled outside the window sill.

4. If the flood continues to rise, you should pay attention to storing some food, drinking water, warm clothes and water appliances in the place where you temporarily live.

5. If the flood disaster is serious and the location is unsafe, self-made raft should be considered for escape. Beds, doors, boxes, etc. can be used to make rafts, and rowing is also essential. The inner tube of some discarded tires can also be used to make a simple life buoy. Before escaping, collect more food and signal equipment (such as whistle, flashlight, colorful flag or bed sheet, etc.).

6. If it is surrounded by flood, try to contact the flood control department of the local government as soon as possible, report its own position and dangerous situation, and actively seek rescue. Do not swim to escape, do not climb live poles, towers, and do not climb to the roof of the adobe house.